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Old 01-17-2011, 12:16 PM   #1 
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Is it just me, or is java moss really messy?

I had java moss in my tank for about two weeks. Everytime it came to cleaning my tank, my java moss would be the biggest pain to clean. The clump of java moss would become loose and bits and particles would float everywhere in my tank. I'm a clean freak...and I just can't stand to see all this crap floating in my tank. So I just decided to throw it all out. What a pain in the butt.
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I dont think it was the plant itself (unless it was dying) but food and waste particles that would get stuck there. Shrimp are supposed to be good at keeping moss clean.
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Yep, my shrimp do wonders on my moss. They love digging through it too. It works well for them because it catches stuff for them to eat so if they are hungry they know where to go.

I like the java moss, I find it gives my tank that disorganized, organic look.
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Meh, focus on the advantages of having moss in your tank as opposed to being a clean freak humanoid!

My female loves her moss! Always hanging inside it, resting on it, pecking at it for trapped food, etc. No way I will take it away from her!!
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Am I reading something about an Unclean Tank?
*Gets bludgeoned with his bag of Art Supplies*
*Awakes hours later in a daze*
*Sips Tea*
Riiiight... I'm a OCD Clean Freak as well.

Although I wouldn't worry to much about it unless it's dying.
Sounds like your Betta and Shrimp like it.
My Anacharis is the same way (It's recovering slowly though) with dropping dead leaves that then lazily float around the tank then don't get sucked into the filter but lay flat on the intake grates JUST to taunt me like... "Hehe now you gotta reach in and clean off the Filter Outtake! Oh! But Oh look! You turned off the filter so now I'm floating away from ya! OH! Missed again! AH! Ya got me with the Net! But WAIT! That water disruption caused more leaves to fall off the Anacharis! HAVE FUN!"
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