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Here Fishy Fishy Fishy
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"Your lack of "Well aren't you Crazy." Disturbs me... I must be getting dull. I'll have to become even more dramatic with my writings..."

Lol, DD, you're not dull.... I'm an artist, too. Need I say more? ;D
(No... but of course, I WILL say more)

You can't warp the warped (and I'm pre-warped, for everyone's convenience)! So there. :p

Good luck with your classes... and your web site revisions.

Looking forward to pix of your weekend aquatically floral exploits!
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Artists! Can they ever follow written instructions? (Husband has a Fine Art degree)

You should be using two ammonia bottles, two nitrate bottles and one nitrite. The ammonia is pretty straight forward but the nitrate test should involve a truckload of shaking. Shake the second bottle for thirty seconds before dropping drops. Shake the test tube for a minute after you've got all drops in there. I like to do a little dance whilst shaking. It makes it more fun.
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