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Old 01-21-2011, 12:16 PM   #21 
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Hmmm... I keep thinking of Gilligan when I look at him...
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Originally Posted by BettasForever View Post
Really? He doesn't seem to have a problem with it.
He'll be fine intially but your water quality in that small of volume does not have much room for error. I hope you have the motivation to do frequent water changes every day or two.....
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Oopsies! I forgot to give a name suggestion! I like Scooter or Bubbles. Or normal names, like Philip or King. Maybe Aquamarine? Hehe. Yes, those are pathetic! But my brain is being blonde right now. Hehe.
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Welcome to the forum! Your boy is very pretty...he's got some very nice fins. He seems like a Pokey to me...

Anyway, don't let the small size deter you. A 2.5+ gallon tank is recommended, but if this is what you have for now your buddy will be okay so long as you're willing to do regular water changes. It looks to me to be about a .5-1 gallon at the very least, do one water change every other day. Not sure if you know this already or not, but make sure not to wash anything out with soap! Just hot water will do the trick.

For now, I'd also recommend giving him a little more swimming room by filling it up a bit more. You were right to lower the water level, since they can and will jump...but instead, maybe you can find something to place on top of the bowl? Like plastic wrap with a few holes punched in or some mesh.

Also, be sure to get him a heater! A heater is a must for a betta, unless you live somewhere where it's constantly 75-80 degrees.
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Theres really noneed for me to repeat what everyone just said because they're right. Just listen to them and your betta will be happy and healthy. Trust me.
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