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Cories or Platys?

So the 12 Gal is pretty much all decorated. Flourite and gravel mix, lots of moss, lots of plants, lots of hiding places. I recently added 4 amanos and 5 RCS, and they're doing great. Gyrados could care less, and they've scattered into all the nooks and crannies. I plan on getting about 20 more rcs so I have a good population.

I was planning on doing 3 platys in this community tank but I went on Aqadvisor and was stunned at the bio-load 3 platys put on the tank. Now I'm thinking of just 4 panda cories, which are way less bio-load wise.

But would there be too much competition between my legion of shrimps and the cories? I'd like to think there is plenty of space in this 12 gal but would there be anything special I'd have to do?

Below is the tank (dimly lit pic I apologize, there is a large piece of vertical driftwood covered in christmas moss on the right hiding the heater/filter intake) and my 2 Aqadvisor stats I ran. One with platys and one with the pandas.

Open to opinions.
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Any opinions? I have 20 more RCS that will be arriving Thursday or Friday. I won't be getting the cories or platys for at least 2 weeks to let the RCS settle.
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I never really thought I'd like cories until I got a few. They're hilarious to watch and if you're looking for something to be a complimentary background fish to a flashy Betta, they do the trick. I did find that the Panda cories are more sensitive than other types, but that may just be because they're so much smaller. If you're willing to keep an eye on water prams, especially pH, they are a pretty neat little fish. Cories in general are pretty sensitive, but as long as your tank is already cycled and planted and they've got lots of hiding places, they should do well. I have no idea about how well they'd do with that many shrimp. I've just got 3 cories, the betta, and 2 ghost shrimp in my 10 gallon and I've never had any problems with them competing with each other. Someone else might have an idea of how that many shrimp will interact with your fish. All I know is that in general, the more hiding places you have for tank mates in with your betta, the better and it looks like you've got that part covered.
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