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Pallas - We were changing the water in their cups at work and I had told my manager about having to give up my rats for college. She told me to get a betta instead. I hadn't owned one since high school so I was wary. She hands me a cup to put on the self and there is little Pallas, flaring with all his might at me. D: I have no idea why but I suddenly wanted him and took him home.

Atlas - Proving that working at a pet store is evil. I was doing the fish shipment and saw his cup. He was a really odd color and just spazzed out everytime we went near his jar. XD I took him home to compliment slow poke Pallas.

Mars - I went to Petco to look at tank prices (yay poor college student shopping) and had never seen their bettas before. I kept thinking how I've always wanted to find a dragon betta and the first one that catches my eye is Mars. He was the color I always dreamed about getting. :D He came home instead of a tank.

Wheatley - another case of fish shipment syndrome. This was when all the dragons and halfmoons were arriving at Petsmart. Everyone in my department kept starring at the pretty red dragons and ignoring little tiny white/green Wheatley. When I went to pick up his cup, he flared and attempted to jump out. He'd try to do this to fish three times his size as well (like he was gonna jump his cup, flop across the self, into theirs, and show em who's boss). I bought him during lunch and the rest is history.

Archimedes - A Petco find again. I went in looking for a critter keeper as a quarantine tank. I did my very best to avoid the betta shelf because I already had four at the time. Well I ended up walking by to look for filters and saw a flash of white. I thought there's no way I'm lucking enough to find a pure white HM plakat here...but low and behold there he was. His cup was dirty and he just laid at the bottom. I had to take him home. He got a split tank with tiny Wheatley. Arch is HUGE compared to him. Well I guess having a neighbor helped him up because he's perky and is constantly trying to wage war against Wheatley.

Chell - she's actually the brand new betta I got just tonight from work. A lady had contacted my manager saying she was moving and needed to desperately find good homes for her female sorority. My manager made an exception and told her to bring them in. Two of my coworkers plus my manager had taken all the other girls home with them. I arrived at work last night to close and saw her cup sitting behind our fish wall. My manager said I should take her...because my manager loves to tempt me. I told her I didn't have anymore spare tanks left. Well today before I went to work, I was cleaning my closet and came across my old 2.5 gallon I thought I lost. XD I saw it as a sign and brought her home with me after I closed the store.

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Lol that's sort of how I picked Floaty, but he never was that healthy.

Lol little wheatly is too cute!!

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