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To Sorority or Not to Sorority

I have been trying to get a sorority going I had one female for the longest time and when I introduced the two new females to the tank they kept picking on my first female. Her fins starting ripping so I put her in a one gallon tank to heal. The two new ones chased each other around but never did damamge to each other. I put my first female back in the tank and history repeated itself. Took out the one I thought was the aggresor (also wondering if she is really a he) went out and did some shopping today ended up bringing home two more females. I put them in the tank and not even 15 minutes went by before the 2nd and 3rd female started fighting my newest one. She is breathing heavily now so I put her back in the cup that came from Petco. I can go out and buy a couple one gallon tanks and can keep them all seperated or should I keep trying to house them in my 20 gallon tank. I of course would do their water changes and I know one gallon is not idea but I cant afford a bunch of 2-5 gallon tanks. any suggestions?

P.S. any ideas on how to control the addiction of buying more bettas?? I couldnt help myself. There was this drop dead gorgeous white and pastel green male VT I wanted sssoooooo bad. Talk about grabby hands!!! lol
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crowntail lover
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Make sure to have plenty of hiding places and live plants for them to hide away from eachother when they need to.
Take all the females out of the 20g..Re arrange the decor and after about 30min add them -->all back in at the same time. Make sure to watch them for a few hours and see how theyre getting along.. And if there seems to be only one causing all the trouble take her out for about a hour, like a time out, and than put her back in.

And about the addiction...Yeah.. I cant help you on that one.. I have tooo many Bettas....haha. But thats okay. :]
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.... I think i can help you with the addiction of bettas, DONT LOOK AT THE BETTAS UNLESS YOU ARE BUYING ONE!! XD
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Get lossa plants and places to hide :D Try "stacking" terracotta pots (sealed together and hole sealed too of course :D), that'd be a great place to hide and would look cool :BB
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Thanks for the responces. I went out and purchased another 1 gallon tank and put the two aggresors in those (each have their own) the 3 that is in my 20 gallon seem to be getting along so far I was watching them and noticed the two that looks just alike are acting like buddy buddy. I was worried they would attack but they dont they just hang out next to each other. Is that common? What I was thinking of doing was putting the 2 thats in the 1 gallon tanks getting two 2.5 when I get my tax refund back (a week or two). I was thinking of doing the yin and yang tanks like I mentioned a few weeks back. One female is black and turquoise blue, the other has a white body and red fins. Think that is the closest I will be able to get as far as fish color. Besides I dont need anymore when they will do just fine. lol anyways sorry its a long post so what do you guys think. oh yeah I also got a xxl plant took the plastic thing off the bottom and I am using that as a floating plant.
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