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Help! Rescued betta

He doesn't look good. They were going to flush him because they didn't want to have to deal with a dead fish. Flushing didn't sound like a very humane way to die so I convinced them to let me bring him home to try to keep him comfortable. Kind of like fish hospice care. I don't know if he an be nursed back to health of not. I don't know much about fish so I need your help.

I don't know how old he is. He was originally bought to be a centerpiece for a table at a banquet. After the banquet nobody knew what to do with all the fish. 5 of them were given to the Parent and Child Center (it is kind like a youth center but for babies through preschool kids) because they thought the kids would enjoy watching them. 2 of them died right away and 2 died a few months later. This guy has been at the center for close to a year.

He is in a bowl. Maybe 1.5 or 2 gallons. His bowl has glass stones (they look like flat marbles) on the bottom and a little ceramic decoration. He has no heater, no aeration or filtration, no tank mates. They were using tap water and changing it once a month or less often. The food they gave me with him is Wardley Essentials Betta Food. They were feeding him once a day when they remembered him but he has been known to go a week without food. The heat in the building he was in has gone out a few times. I am in North Dakota so I know it got way too cold for him.

He is not pretty like he once was. his face is gray instead of the dark blue it used to be. He just lays on the bottom of the tank. He has been like this probably 3 or 4 months but the last week he has been very lethargic. He had a growth of some sort on his face. They have been adding something called Wardley's Ick Away to his water and it seems to have helped with the growth but he he has been moving less and less.

I don't know if after being neglected and not cared for properly for so long he has much home but please tell me what I need to do for him. Obviously I need to get him a heater. How big of a tank should he have? Is it okay to use tap water? Is there a certain type of treatment or conditioner I need to put in his water? Is the type of food he has okay? Would he be happier with more decorations in his tank? Are fake plants safe or will they shred his fins and tail? Since he no longer has the growth I don't think I should put the Ick Away in his water anymore. Can I put a filter and airs tone in his tank?

I really have no clue what I am doing! HELP!
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A filter and air stone are not needed, but the heater and water conditioner (Prime or Nutrafin, there are lots of other kinds) are needed asap. Fake plants are okay, as long as you feel they are soft, and dont have any sharp edges. I would get some water conditioner and change his water daily 100%. He will be happier in a bigger home, but right now its not mandatory, just focus on getting him healthy :D

When you get the heater, get a tank thermometer too so you can watch the temp. He should be anywhere between 77-83F.
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Hmm.....keep him in a house that is around the same size that he used to be in, or at least not too big so he won't get overwhelmed. A 2 gallon is good and clean water is one of the best things you can do for him, besides warmth!
You'll have to get him used to the heat though, warm his home first and then put him in his own cup floating in the water so he can get used to it, otherwise it will shock him from the changes in tempurature. Maybe for an hour or so, and
add the water from the tank to his cup slowly.
For water, use tap BUT it has to be conditioned, Prime is great because it is a conditioner and gets rid of harmful toxins.
Put a cave/hideout he can be in if he wants, just make sure it is safe for his fins and use soft plants. Life plants are great, there are some that are easy to care for, Marimo Moss balls. You don't really need to do anything to them except squeeze them a little every so often because they collect debree and stuff, which is a good thing! They are awsome.
I hope you betta gets better!
That's great you rescued him. C:
Oh, and low light helps too!
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