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Filter Recommendations and other confusion

So my fish got sick and I am wondering if it is because there wasn't a filter. He started showing signs of finrot and clamping so I move him from a 2.5 to a one gallon and started treating him with green tea and aquarium salt and daily water changes. He has been on treatment for 6 days now and is improving.

I don't know what was wrong because I have been doing 100% water changes every 2-3 days in the 2.5 gallon. I had to get a new heater because the temperature was only keeping around 76 degrees. Maybe this contributed to his health issues? So I bought an adjustable heater that keeps the temperature 78-80 degrees now in the 2.5 gallon tank.

Other problems I've been having are issues with the plants. The java fern seems to be getting brown and clear leaves. The anubias leaves also appear to be 'melting'. Lighting should be sufficient, it's a 27 watt 6,500 k over 2.5 gallons. I dose with Excel (carbon source) and API Leaf Zone Plant Food. Plants are not buried, they are tied to a piece of driftwood and a rock.

So, I am wondering if a filter would help my fish's and plants' health. Maybe the water isn't getting circulated enough and is causing problems for everything? Maybe, it's too much organics sitting in the water? I don't know but I would like to avoid any further problems and not have to keep buying plants.

So what filter is good for a 2.5 gallon tank? I really don't want to put an internal filter in the tank (I don't want it taking up precious space). I prefer the HOB filters but couldn't find one recommended for a 2.5 gallon that houses a betta. So, what do you guys and gals use? Until I find something, I'll probably keep my betta in a one gallon with daily water changes. I don't want to run into finrot issues again.

I really wish I had bought at least a 5 gallon tank now, but unfortunately I have to use what I have. MIFF!
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I would back off on some of the 100% water changes and plant food....both species of plants you have are low light, slow growers and usually don't need a lot of food-often the waste from the fish is enough along with some organic and partial water changes...I would do twice weekly 50% water changes with live plants-adding some floaters and stem plants will also help....they are the filter......

You have way too much watts over the 2.5g-you need a smaller watt bulb or raise the light up over the tank...or even better..add some floating plants this will do two things....shade and remove nutrients...okay three things provide cover for the

Too cool of water can stress the fish...a stressed fish immune response can be compromised and every little pathogen can then fixed the too cool water with the new heater......
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As for the filter for a 2.5 gallon, I would recommend the Red Sea Deco Art Nano Filter! It really and truthfully is the best. I have two, one for each of my 2.5 gallon tanks, and the water never fails to remain constantly crystal clear. It is especially great for bettas because you can control the flow of the filter which I think is really important for this type of fish. Hope this helps, here's a link below:
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I have a 3.5 Gal round tank, in your opinion, would this work well with only one male Betta? I looked at all the reviews and they wer wonderful for this filter, however, most had 2.5 gal tanks and smaller. Thanks.
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Old 01-27-2011, 02:27 AM   #5 
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@ Oldfishlady:

Thank you for the advice. I raised the light 12 inches off the tank so hopefully that will help. I also took the driftwood out for now and stopped fertilizing as much. There isn't a fish in the tank at the moment so I'll just focus on trying to improve the plants' health. I think when spring comes around I'll have luck finding some of the floating plants that you mentioned. Hopefully a garden center will sell some in the pond section.

@ Scienceluvr8:

Thank you for the link and the recommendation. If I don't upgrade the tank I will definitely go with this filter. There seems to be a lot of good buzz about it for 2.5 gallons. Hopefully you can answer Wildcat's question cause I have no idea, lol. ;)
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