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Quasimodo Update- Now what?

So, about 12 days ago Quasimodo was sucked into his filter intake and most of his colored fins were ripped off including all of his caudal fin. Today, he ate some pellets at last (he's been insisting on flakes) and acts like a healthy, happy, curious little fish, bubble nest and all. He's the healthiest he's ever been, barring his injuries. He appears to have fin growth. Old Fish Lady told me it might take a month to grow his fins back. I monitored his activity in one gallon of water for a few days (I released him from QT a day early early due to an apparent frustration with his confined space) and today I filled his 2.5 to full capacity. The only contents are water, thermometer, heater and Quasi. Tomorrow, he fasts.

My question is, what now? Should I wait for his fins to fully regrow to put him back into his 10G? If not, at what point is he OK to be put into the 10G? Is it OK to put a hide spot and gravel and such in the 2.5 while his fins are healing? I know hide spots and objects reduce stress and boredom, but I'm concerned the tiny bit of new growth might be more prone to tearing.

Also, it seems there is a fungus on the plant bulbs I bought him. Is it contagious to fish? I posted pictures under "Snotty Seeds."
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I think a hide and a soft plant would be best. I don't see a need for gravel. It will just make cleaning more difficult if you're doing 100% water changes.
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I don't think you'll have to wait too long before you put him back in his normal tank. I'd give it another week or week and a half.

When I got my fish (in September), his fins were heavily damaged. I used aquarium salt for 10 days and did daily water changes (he was in .5 gallon at the time). About three weeks later, I put him in his 5 gallon tank. His newly grown fins never tore or anything on any of the decor.

After four months, his fins are finally almost completely grown back. There's definitely permanent damage, though. :( I hope you have better luck with that.
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If his fins hinder his swimming or you find he likes to stay near the top, then Id wait on the ten... But otherwise Id agree with kfish and say a couple weeks.
And a hidey spot would be a nice idea :D Make sure if it has a hole its sealed.
Post pics when he gets better! :DDD
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