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I want more live plants! Lots of questions & in need of suggestions!

I've turned into sort of a live plant fiend. When I'm out of a dorm, graduated (DECEMBERRR!!! can't come soon enough), and in my own apartment, I want to make a massively planted tank with absolutely no unnatural decorations - I LOVE the look of natural tanks.

But for now, I just want to add more to my cycled 5 gallon and rearrange some of what's there.

I change my arrangement a lot, so here are a few different ones...

Looking at the bottom picture, from L to R there's:

-Java fern (with seven babies waiting to float off)
-Two fake plants in the back that I'm willing to take out (the green and pinkish)
-Anubias tied to bridge (it's integrating its roots in the bricks slowly but surely - I'd like to keep this stuck on the bridge)
-Christmas moss (Suggestions for this are most welcome - I like it as a moss ball, but it'd be nice to do something with it, haha... it grows crazy slow)
-Crypt Wendtii

I'd like to be able to vacuum the substrate regularly, so I'm not sure that I want any ground cover. I love the way it looks, so I could probably be convinced. XD In fact, I may have just convinced myself. Does all ground cover require sand? What if I just gave my substrate an ultra good vacuuming and laid it over it? I have extra river rock that I could put under it. Maybe I'd do that and put some of the marbles on top as little decorations... or take them all out and use them as twilight tokens/wounds for Lord of the Rings card game (lol, nerd alert)... I could always just vacuum the plants if I get the urges, right? XD

Do you NEED soil and sand for a Walstad (I've read stuff about these, but nothing really gave me too much information), or just lots of plants? Would adding more plants effectively turn my tank into one? I'd like to stay away from soil/sand in this tank, until I never have to move it again. I'm not particularly interested in turning my tank into one, as I don't like the whole lack of regular cleaning/harder cleaning thing, but I'm curious about whether or not soil and sand are necessary.

As it is, I've never seen my nitrate levels higher than 5 ppm, even after me being lazy/busy for 2.5 weeks (please don't yell at the busy electrical engineering senior - we need breaks, too! ;-;).

More color would be nice, as far as plant suggestions.

Sorry for the ultra long, questiony post.

I shop around a lot on (and purchased all but the java fern and anubias there)... any other good website suggestions? They're out of stock of some plants.

I don't want snails! Again, NO SNAILS or little critters. Please share your good personal experiences with other sites/vendors. :)

SUMMARY for TLDR people: I'd appreciate suggestions on placement for my plants/decorations and other plants I could add. Also, any good (critter/snail free) plant websites (besides - I know that one's good!) are welcome.

I'm willing to take out the fake green and pink plants in the back to replace them with real ones.
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