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Question How can you tell if..?

How can you tell if your betta is constipated?? and if it is, how do you "unconstipate" them?
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Usually their tummy will be distended or abnormally large-they usually will not poop or sometimes a large piece of fecal matter will be sticking out of the vent, sometimes the vent itself will protrude but not always, usually they will be lethargic either staying at the surface or on the bottom, refuse to eat-if the duct is involved they may or may not have buoyancy problems as well

Constipation can usually be resolved by fasting the fish for 2-4 days and if this is ineffective a few days in Epsom salt 1tsp/gal with 100% daily water changes while in QT will help by working as a laxative...with severe constipation with buoyancy issues a full 10 day treatment and increase of Epsom salt to 2tsp/gal is best

Some also use the inside of blanched green pea, however, I have not had luck with that as most severely constipated fish will not eat.....but it doesn't hurt to try if they are still eating

QT is also important for not just observation reasons but to make the needed 100% daily water changes easier that are also very important.

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I tried to give my betta bloodworms as a treat, (Trip to Petsmart 2 hourse ago. :))
and he has no interest. First I left them in the tank for 3 mins, then I attempted to use a tweezers and he nipped at it but wouldn't eat it. I'm going to fast him for a day now... :)
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