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Has Lost 3 (going on 4) bettas from Columnaris.

Alright. So I'm not sure what's going on. Firstly, my bettas ALL aren't housed in the same tank. I have two bettas in each small tank (going to upgrade to a 10-20gal when I get my income tax money back). I keep their temperature in the mid 70's, and clean their tanks twice a week. I bought a betta back in December from Walmart (aka Betta Hell) and three weeks later he died from a white spot (not Ick) breaking out on his side. He was in a tank all by himself with no other fish. The first sign was these algae looking strings floating around in the tank. Then it kept getting very VERY foggy. I kept changing it over and over again and finally he kicked the bucket.

So i went out and bought two more bettas (I literally cried over the last one because my boyfriend bought him for my birthday). I named them Murderface and Wartooth. Well, 3 weeks after buying him, Murderface gets this white spot on his head. I medicated him and added salt and I was HOPING he would get better but I didn't have an emergency tank because I'm jobless and I have to get money from my parents (just turned 18 and I live in a town that's very poor with no jobs). The splotch kept getting bigger and I took both of them to my boyfriends house. He managed to save Wartooth. Murderface died shortly afterwards and I think he made Wartooth sick because his fins began rotting and he turned gray. But thankfully Wartooth got better and his fins began growing back. I'm so blessed that he got better. He's happy and building bubble nests.

This leads me to my THIRD betta dying. I bought a female and a male last Sunday. Thought the female had minor Ick and would cure it fast. Her skin began peeling (not sure if this was for Columnaris or not) and she just sit at the top of the tank. I isolated her from the male fish. She died shortly after (on a Wednesday). Well, I cleaned my male's tank and now today I noticed TWO white spots on his head. They're not big yet but I'm trying to fight it.

What the heck is this? I'm using QuickCure and Salt but honestly, I don't know what to do anymore. Any special meds that you guys have used to kill this horrible thing??

tl;dr: My bettas are dropping like flies because of this sickness. What do I do?

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