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MTS - A Sorority

In a series of [fantastic?] events, I ended up getting two rescues - a boy and a girl betta. Ulmo was in quarantine, so I ended up getting another tank for quarantine for the new boy (still unnamed, his tail was torn to SHREDS by this girl). Anyway, I had my giant empty 10 gallon, two girls, and two boys.

The boys are staying in quarantine for a while (wanna have their tails half-grown in), so while that's happening I'm cycling another tank. The female fish is perfect. I put her in a 2.5 gallon tank and treated her a few days, then came on here and did a TON of research.

Result: I now have five girls in the original ten gallon tank. And the boys in quarantine on the counter, with the second ten gallon cycling.

These girls are from all over the city, lol.

1.) Natalya - Rescue. Looks like a purple and yellow veiltail or crowntail? Not sure. She's really skittish. Thus, not a lot of photos of her.

2.) Beatrice - Just Pets. She's shiny white with tealish-greenish fins. Her tail has a pink/red patch on it when relaxed, that's clear or white when she's flaring. She's the "alpha" of the tank, per se. She has an obsession with staring at herself on the side of the tank. (But who wouldn't? She's gorgeous!)

3.) Asia - Petsmart. She's what I THOUGHT was a white veil tail, but turned to a pretty yellow - then now she's turning pinkish lavender? She's also developing spots? Began with a blue one on her tail, now that one's a deeper blue with some lighter blue ones on her rear half, and one on her face? Not sure. I guess time will tell, lol. She's smaller than everyone else BUT Natalya, but she would probably be second-in-command in the tank. What she says, goes. She likes the feeling of bubbles, and stealing the pot.

4.) Mara - Just Pets. She's a marble veil tail. She has claimed the pot in the tank. It's her. She chills there, and chases everyone else away. The only time she moves away is if Rodolfo (the snail) bumps into her. Then she chills by the bubbles (right across from the pot) until there's enough space for her to rest in the cup again. She chases the other girls out of it. It's cute :D

5.) Muriel - Walmart. She's my existing girl. She gets along with everyone. She's my little piggy. She's a purple, blue, multi-color veil tail. :}

This photo is of Muriel chasin' Asia away.

Everything seems to be goin' well. Just tryin' to get Natalya to come out a little more :D
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What a great mix of colors! LOVE the light colored ones :) Asia is my favorite!!!
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Omg, I love your girls!
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your girls are so cute
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Wooo!! So Pritty!
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# 3 is my favorite! i love her color!
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