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Old 01-29-2011, 04:42 PM   #11 
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Yes...I think that is it...thanks...I still haven't been able to find the shipping cost...what did the shipping cost you if you don't mind me asking...
This is one of the selling points for cost....

That why I bought from sweetaquatic when I the time they had Free shipping on orders over $35.00....but I don't think they do that now...great plants and service none the less....

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It cost $10 for the shipping from AZ to NY it was kinda on the high side till I got the stuff they were packaged perfect so I didn't mind spending that shipping cost
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Old 01-29-2011, 08:48 PM   #13 
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Hmm, that package seems a little pricey, even with free shipping. And it bothers me that they don't tell you what the bunch plants are, or what the "other suitable background plants" are to replace the vals. How do they know what is suitable if they don't know your tank and water parameters? I would definitely try looking around at sweetaquatics, plantedaquariumcentral, or first. At least one of those sites offers similar packages.
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Old 01-29-2011, 09:18 PM   #14 
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I got my plants from great to work with and if you send her an email she'll work with you to figure out what plants would work best for you. I just went with the low light package and I'm really happy with the results. I also threw in a couple extra crypts.

I recently changed my regular fluorescent bulb to a coralife plant bulb and I'm amazed with the change it's made to my plants now that they're in the 6500k range. Another option if your hood is set up for incandescent bubls is to put two 10 watt CFLs on it but I find that those are too yellow for my taste, maybe you can find whiter ones than those.

I use eco complete in my tanks but gravel works well too. I would advise you to get Flourish excel and dose daily and flourish comprehensive to dose weekly to give your plants an extra boost. I also give mine root tabs because so many of mine are rooted I think it helps.
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Old 01-29-2011, 09:37 PM   #15 
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I, like you, wanted a planted tank. I got a 10 gallon betta spawning tank right now that is going to be my main display tank after I spawn them in there. Anyways, I have searched at least 2 weeks time for the cheapest and best plants online. By far the cheapest and simplest site is They have excellent plants there. I got my frogbit (20+ bits) and my amazon swords (5 plants) for like 30 dollars total. I wouldn't bother wasting your time with those packages, they are way overpriced. The frogbit and amazon swords look excellent in my tank and for the price I got a good bit of planting. Best part is that they will both grow and I can make profit selling off the ones that grow. If you want good plants get frogbit. My betta likes blowing his bubbles in them all the time. He really likes hiding in the amazon swords as well. If I had to do it again, I would have gotten something that grows shorter than amazon swords. They are really nice looking plants, but I didn't know they can reach levels of 2 feet when full grown. Frogbit I highly recommend though. Don't get duckweed, that just looks like seaweed, it's ugly. Frogbit is basically lilly pads that look like and are just a bit bigger than a four leaf clover.
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Old 01-30-2011, 08:46 AM   #16 
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I didn't even think of aquabid, I'll check it out. Bob's seemed reasonable. I emailed plantedaquariumscentral regarding shipping and got this response:

You can find the shipping by adding items to your cart. It will tell you how much it will be before you pay. IT normaly is $6.99 for the first plant and then $.69 for each additional plant. This depends on whether the plant is potted or not.

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Old 01-30-2011, 12:26 PM   #17 
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Join Date: Jan 2011
yeah i checked out bob's and they have some pretty good prices. near aquabids actually which is nice. their red cherry shrimp are really cheap on his site. i wouldnt mind getting my stuff from bobs site instead of aquabid because he looks very legit. id suggest his site, then as for plantedaquariumscentral, yes i heard good thing about her site. she seems to work with people very well and has really good prices. all of these sites are probably the cheapest and best on the web. i suggest all 3.
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Old 01-30-2011, 05:35 PM   #18 
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Location: Florida
I love my plants... if you type in the coupon code "BETTAFISH" you get 10% off (doesn't include shipping).

I thought the shipping was flat rate... guess not. Don't remember what it cost and I JUST threw away the box for my most recent shipment.
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Old 01-31-2011, 01:08 AM   #19 
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I agree with OFL That site, list, and price you posted sound like highway robbery! >:[ doesn't normally sell a plant for over $3.00 unless it's rare or something like that and their shipping is reasonable. I'm ordering from them this week. =]

The only problem I have with them is that their snails are REALLY expensive. That's it though. =] They have a great site running and they're upgrading their facilities so they'll also have more to offer soon! =]

Good luck with you plants! =] I also recommend Anacharis. I've had some in freezing water for a month and then in almost no light and no care for the past 2 weeks and a lot of it is still thriving. It's an amazing plant. It is subject to algae problems though so be careful with your lighting or get some snails such as Ramshorn or Nerite that will eat it for you. =]
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If you don't want to change out your gravel for substrate you can you seachems fourish tabs they sell them at petsmart, I have substrate in my ten gallon but when i started my five gallon i didnt want to mess with substrate and found these browsing through the store and they actually work better than i expected... just an idea
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co2, planted tank, substrate

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