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Old 01-30-2011, 11:46 AM   #1 
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Ghost Shrimp 101

So I'm thinking of getting ghost shrimp. I really need to know all there is to them (Food, how many, care, etc). I have my betta in a ten gallon by himself.

Question 1: Do they need AQ salt?
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My oldest ghost shrimp is currently 8 months old, so I must be doing something right. They don't care if they are in groups or not, but they are cheap, and more is better! Mine eat only betta pellets and algea wafers. The pellets are more important than the algea wafers. I try to feed mine 2 pellets a day. They are easy to care for. As long as you feed them and keep the water clean they will be happy. They need caves to hide in, and anything with an unusual texture (ex. Bumpy, crevices, cracks, etc...) will be appreciated. They do not need AQ salt. And only buy active, and clear shrimp. Milky color is a bad sign, and these shrimp are usually active if healthy.
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Ok. Thanks for your help.
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I have an amano shrimp and a cherry shrimp in with my Betta, i was worried about the cherry shrimp at first because he was following it around religiously i thought he was gonna kill it but its been a few weeks now and there both looking happy he doesn't pay any attention to them anymore...
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Old 01-31-2011, 11:11 AM   #5 
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I'd get more than you think you want. They are cheap, and don't have the best survival rate. Also, have plenty of hiding places just in case your betta is a little aggressive. For example, one of my bettas ate all the shrimp in the tank within a few days. My other betta, in another tank, doesn't bother the shrimp at all. I put 7 ghost shrimp in my shrimp only tank, 4 survived the transition.

I have a planted tank with shrimp only and I feed them some flakes every couple of days. The ones that survived the first transition into my tank seem able to withstand anything thereafter.
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Old 01-31-2011, 08:49 PM   #6 
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I have 2 ghost shrimp left in my 10 gallon. They eat the leftover flakes from my platys and algae wafer that i put in for my snail. I don't give them any special care. They do love hanging out on my java moss and hornwort though. They keep it nice and clean. I would agree on getting more than you think you want. They have relatively no bioload and it's fun to watch them scurry around. The like hiding too, sometimes I won't see them for a few days.

I put one in with one of my betta and he ate it :p Some won't though. But if they do, it's a nice snack. lol
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Old 02-06-2011, 08:28 AM   #7 
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Ok. Can they climb up the side of the tank? And do they eat the fish's feces?
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Old 02-06-2011, 10:20 AM   #8 
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Originally Posted by fishman12 View Post
Ok. Can they climb up the side of the tank? And do they eat the fish's feces?

Yes, and yes...

HOWEVER! *Yells enough to cause all the fish tanks to shake*

I've had my Ghost's for about 2 weeks now they do tend to go up and down the tank but I think it's because they are playing with their reflections in the glass. Much like your betta sometimes will play with it's reflection. I have several open spots on my tank that they could easily climb out from... so far so good. I've even watched them go to the surface but it was only to grab part of a plant and try to pull it down (Normally they fail and they comically fall and flail all the way down).

For my 10gal I purchased 12... 2 weeks later I can COUNT 8-10 then again don't bother I don't see any shells of them and Drax doesn't seem to go after them so I bet all 12 are there just I never count them right. Some hide, some are always out.
As for feeding... *Shrugs* I don't really even try, same as my mom when she feeds during the week while I'm at school. Drax watches you VERY closely when your at the tank (With his good eye too) and gobbles up anything you drop in. When feeding I do try and sink several pellets down while he's eating other pellets but if I'm not fast enough he'll then dive down and literally grab the pellets from the Shrimps hands He just ate the one my Egg Laden Shrimp (Bertha) was eating! HE STOLE FOOD FROM A MOTHER TOO BE! XD

But as I said... it's been a few weeks and most of the shrimp are still there, very glass like and healthy, so obviously their finding enough to eat on their own.

Also forgot to mention...
More fun from my mother... at first she thought the Shrimp were creepy... "They look Like Spiders!" Two weeks later... she's like. "Oh it's so fun how they grab a pellet and run off with it! I get lost watching them sometimes!"

From Creepy Spiders... to Adorable little Clowns... EVERYBODY LOVES TEH GHOSTIES!

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Ghosties are fun little guys. Get the smallest ones as they're usually the youngest and they only live a year or two. They are actually not capable of leaving the water, so don't worry about them taking a trip around your house. They do eat fish feces. I have observed this because I like to stare at my fish instead of doing homework. :D Be careful if you ever need to medicate your betta, as most fish meds will kill them. Overall, they're super easy to care for and really the only thing that will flat out kill them is dirty water. You know you're keeping a good, clean tank when you can get shrimp to thrive.
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The smaller they are, the easier for your betta to eat. lol
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