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Question KILLING diatoms....

Lol don't be mislead by the title. I'm talking about getting rid of my diatoms.

How can I do this? Is there anything you can put in or something that removes it? It is unfortunatly present in our tap, so it wont go away. It's starting to cover the gravel and ornaments and such and I don't like it.
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Diatom and algae control is just part of fish keeping....wipe away and vacuuming out with a regular weekly water change......if this is a new setup diatoms will usually resolve on their own once the tank matures...but until then.....wipe and vacuum.....if this is a mature setup...sometimes they can be caused from old light bulbs......

If the tank is at least 20g you can add small school of ottos or 1 BN type pleco....depending on current stocking of course......

Sometimes snails can help with some control....but the best controller of diatoms and algae is the hobbyist....just part of general care......
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As far as I know, diatoms are a form of algae that happen in newly set up tanks(some of what I've read says up to 16 weeks). They go away as the tank matures and the environment stabilizes. Just be patient and wipe off the spots that bother you.

There is a link I found. There are many. Just keep up with the water changes and don't overfeed..they eventually settle down


I would never advise someone to add anything to remove algae. There is always an underlying imbalance if one is over run with algae.
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