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Uhhh, what?

I just got home from work and my tank is 2 degrees warmer than when i left this morning (9 hours ago) or at least i believe it is... i didn't really LOOK LOOK. but it's usually always set to 80 degrees, i come home, and it's 82.
i have a heater so i don't know whyyy it would do this, the thermometor i have is just one of those "mood ring" type ones where the colour comes up on the number, so maybe it isn't technically accurate, i am planning on getting another thermometor in the next few days/next week when i go back to the LFS to get more plants/decor.
but yeah.

my apartment did feel warm when i got in today BUT my heat is much lower in the house than the betta (celcius wise he is at 27 (80 farenheit) and my apartment is only at 22/23 celcius which is equal to 72/74 farenheit so it can't be the room temp heating it up)
usually it stays at its steady heat without fluctuating......

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Is it an adjustable heater and have you monitored it? I have an adjustable and I noticed that the number on the dial is not the temp you will get. The size of the heater, the size of the tank, the ambient temperature.. they all play into it so it is good to get a digital thermometer to get an idea just what is really going on. I had a non-adjustable Marineland heater that never was able to get above 76 even though ambient was 77.
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