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How do I do a safe water change??

I have a 5 gallon that is ready for a water change. I was wondering what percentage of water change do I do because it is cycled and what do I use to get the water out since I don't have a siphon. Do I keep my fish in there while I am doing this?? Should I take all plants and the cave out too? Any help will be appreciated!
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How long has the tank been running, how many and what type of live plants, stocking, type of filter, type of substrate, how did you cycle or method used, water prams for ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, pH and water temp....

Depending on plants, stocking, age of tank, water prams...etc......will determine water changes...generally, 50% weekly with substrate cleaning...but depending on plants you may not need to vacuum very much...its a good idea to get a vacuum or siphon of some will make water changes easier.....and you don't have to remove the is better on them to leave them in the tank for partial water changes.....
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If it is a fully cycled filtered 5G then a 33-50% water change once a week is fine.You can keep your fish & deco in while you do it,but switch off your heater and filter.A siphon/gravel vac is useful for clearing the crud from the bottom of your tank and in the substrate,until you get one use a cup and empty out the % of water you want out of the water.To refill use water that is roughly the same temp of your tank water (you can be a couple of degrees out) using a cup and make sure you use water de-chlorinator in it (use a bucket etc for the water but make sure it's clean and doesnt have any chemical residue from other previous uses).

I'm worried that you don't know how to do a water change on a cycled tank.Do you mean "cycled" as in its a new tank and has been "cycled" by being stood for a day or using a bottled substance bought from a LFS?

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Thank you for the reply. The tank has been running for a little over a month before I added my fish. I don't have any live plants. Just plastic ones and a cave. I'm not really sure if that means the tank is Cycled. I decided to stop the filter because the fast water movement frightened my betta fish. I had my fish in the tank for about 4 days now.

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Instead of turning the filter off, build a filter baffle. There is a sticky on how to make one in the Betta Care forum. The filter is a MUST HAVE if you don't want to be doing daily changes.
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