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Old 02-03-2011, 02:13 PM   #1 
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A few questions about my Betta...

Hi everyone, this isn't a dire emergency, but I have a few questions about my Betta.

He appears 110% healthy, he glass surfs when I come home, he flares at his reflection, he flares at my brother, eats like he just came out of prison, pretends to be a shark when he "stalks" his one pellet a day. Enjoys his plants, swims against the soft current for exercise, sleeps on the heater.

I've had him since Jan 15th and he's always been healthy.

I just have a question about finrot, because HongBo's tail has a black rim (you can see a bit of it in my avatar). It doesn't seem to have gotten "worse" and he doesn't seem bothered by it. I know the black rim isn't always an obvious sign, but since it is a predominant sign, I thought that I would ask anyway.

I also have another really weird question...

I didn't think it was environmentally possible, but I think my tank has...mould? I don't know what it is, it's white and fuzzy and it's only in 4 small patches scattered around the tank under the gravel closest to the glass (about the size of betta pellets) and a bit of it is on the top of the heater.

Should I be worried? It's been like that think a week ago?

Again nothing is seemingly bothering HongBo at all. I just wanted to ask just in a preemptive strike against something that could possibly snowball into something worse.

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Whoa, really wondering what that stuff is.

I get some black (kind of cottony) fuzzy stuff sometimes. I wonder if they're related? I just scrape it out and haven't had any problems.... It likes to grow on one of the leaves of my anubias and on the roots of it...

Do you have any live plants? I wonder if it's from plant decay or something.
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If the fin edges are even then the black coloration may be pigment and nothing to worry about....have a few questions....

How big is the tank, how much and how often are the water changes, when was the last one, water temp, filtration, live plants, additives used, appetite is good-but how much/often and what kind of food/feeding.....any tank mates-fish, shrimp, snails...etc....
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Location: Canada
@Kfish: yeah mine is white coloured clue what it is, I would scrape it off but I don't want to release any spores

@OFL: I've got a heated, filtered 5Gal (set to 80F), I change 60% of the water once a week, sometimes an extra 50% a week if I have the time. I have one marimo ball (that I recently took out because I wanted to test something with it). Umm I use Topfin water dechlorinator and that stress coat stuff (I forget the name).

He's a bit on the small side so I feed him one pellet once in the morning and once in the evening and I watch him eat it all up. He doesn't appear bloated. I've got no tank mates yet because it's a 5Gal, but I might get a shrimp in the future.
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