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i think i know what went wrong. the female was showing striping patterns and she is full of eggs i think. but i was just too cautious for her health so i didnt allow them enough time to spawn. i left her and him together for as long as maybe 2 minutes tops. maybe if i left them together they would settle down and eventually go to the spawn. i heard this is normal? nonetheless, im not trying until near the end of march again after i do more research. i dont want my female to die, it took forever to get her. if i had a 5 dollar fish i would have just let them go.
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Originally Posted by jschristian44 View Post
f i had a 5 dollar fish i would have just let them go.
Thats kind of mean, IMO. :/ a 5$ fish could be the same quality as a more expensive fish, but you would let get it get severely injured? Just because it's cheaper? Sorry, not trying to critisize or anything, it just stood out to me. ^^'
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Don't get discouraged.....lots of opinions because of so many different ways to not only spawn but to rear fry as well......lot of people with different experiences and opinions and this is my take all this information with a grain of salt and once you gain your own experience with your first will figure it often have to tweak here and there from one spawn to two are alike in my experience....maybe just small differences...but they usually are.....

Once you understand normal behavior this will help you understand abnormal behavior....learn the spawning triggers and signs so you know what to look for

Understand they you as a first time breeder as well as some experienced breeders can still have failures, injuries, problems...etc......learn, understand, grow and move on.....tweak and try a different method......but don't get discouraged and quit....spawning this species can be fun and rewarding and help a hobbyist grow in that aspect of the hobby.....
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a 5 dollar fish is flipping expensive as HECK!!!! my fish were $2.49 each, and i have 5

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I agree with BettaLover and OFL.
Theres no "right" way to breed. Everyone does things differently and experiment as they go.
Not all fish are compatible so you have to look at their behavior and if it doesn't work, then you try again. Many breeders will tell you to buy more than just one pair of fish if you want to breed.
In my last attempt I had to switch males and females 4 times before I got a pair that clicked.
My female/male that succesfully spawned were in the tank for 4 days before anything happened and the female was left with almost no fins. She was definitely interested but I guess my male had to prove that he was strong enough to take her because it took her a while to submit.
There's also the whole misconception that if the male doesn't build a bubblenest he's not ready. This is not necesarly so, I have a male that refuses to make bubblenests even with a female in a jar inside the tank. He needs to have the female with him in the tank to be encouraged to build a nest.
Yes, you will be all lost at the beginning and you will make mistakes but soon you will find something that will work for YOU.
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Ok let's clear some things up:

1st...betta fry will not eat powdered food etc. they WILL eat microworms, vinegar eels, and baby brine shrimp. I reccomend all three foods...I can sell you some cultures but BBS eggs I do not sell.

2nd...fry are not easy to rehome unless your fish are in high demand.

3rd...I highly suggest reading the following sites:
and YOUTUBE!! Watch spawning and fry videos...these are incredibly helpful (but avoid the stupid ones).

Next..the breeding pair...HMs and HMPKs are in demand.
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If the male is too hyper/aggressive then try letting him see another male in a container next to him for about 20-25 minutes once every day or two so that he can take some of his energy out on that male, then try breeding him to the female a day after you stop exposing him to another male. By this point he should have clamed down at least a bit and will be less angressive towards the female.
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Avoid the stupid ones. lol!!
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im using a veil tail male and a halfmoon female. but after i read the post that the female had almost no fins, hints me towards, if i left her in there, she probably would have spawned within the next couple days. but i was just too cautious, like a mother with a baby so i took her out right away. it just looked like she was too exhausted to continue, she would just sit at the top like she was about to die. but now they are both in good shape and resting from the trauma i put them through today. still more research to do. its like life, you learn something new each day.
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