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Help Female Spent Eggs

So after all the criticism I recieved yesterday about my female not being ready. I found out she definately was ready. I woke up and found she had a ton of eggs floating at the top of her hospital tank and a bunch floating on the bottom. She is just now resting underneath her eggs that will die because of me and because no one would help me properly, except for Indigo, but his time zone is way different so it was too late. Anyways, I don't want to come on here and start more fighting, I just wanted to let you guys know that I was doing everything right. And what you should have said is, just let them go, normal fin biting is normal in this process. But now I am left with a ton of unused eggs and a very sad female. Can I take the eggs and put them with the male? Will he put them in a bubblenest or is it too late for them?
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It is to late, the male fertilises the eggs as she lays them when he wraps around her.
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The eggs won't be able to be used because the male won't fertilize them now. Don't worry, if you start conditioning her again, she will produce more (thus the importance of conditioning). It's helpful to see she was willing to spawn with the male you have. I have two pairs that refuse to spawn with each other! >_<

As OFL was saying in your last thread, just take what you need from everyone's comments, and get your own spawning going how you like. The only things that should be answered is 1. Will the fry have homes? It looks like yes, they will... and 2. Will you prevent serious injury or death to the spawning pair? Yes, you already have shown you will.

Good luck!
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Females have un-ripe eggs at all times once mature-they will either absorb them or drop and eat them on a regular basis and sometimes they don't eat them and this is nothing to be worried about...its all normal

Once the female is in the water with the male they communicate by hormones and pheramones-the female sense the male and her eggs will start to ripen and the male then senses the ripe eggs in the female and this tells the male she is ready

The male embraces the female and their vents are then approximated- he release milt as she release the eggs and the eggs are fertilize externally...some say the milt can float to the nest and any eggs missed in the embrace that are then picked up and placed in the nest will be fertilized...this is just a theory by some breeders

The male doesn't squeeze the eggs out of the female-although it look like it....its only an embrace to approximate the vents for fertilization/egg release.
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yes thats what i figured.
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