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new tank set up :-)

I have a 10 gal tank. i cycled it for one week. added Kane my betta yesterday. also i bought 2 albino cories. today i went to the petstore and bought a few more accesories... i also bought 2 more cories and an algea eater sucker fish(dont know the real name sorry)and 6 neons to put some life in my Kane( my betta) keeps swimming in their he thinks hes one of them lol...i think he enjoys the company. i may add something else...but not sure yet...dont want to over fill it. let me know whatcha think

also...i added a background picture on the tank and Kane keeps flaring at kinda hoping he'll just get tired of it...any thoughts on that?
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Your tank is very cute and your fish are beautiful. There are a lot of fish in there however for a 10gal and you're going to probably experience problems in a few days if things stay the same. I think you may be able to keep the cories OR the neon tetras, but not both. The algae eater -if it's the kind I'm thinking-chinese algae eater- will grow up to 10 inches long and will outgrow the tank in a matter of months so it's probably best to return that one too. You will be OK if you keep just a few of the fish and return the rest- rule of thumb is 1 inch of mature fish per gallon of water, so you can have a maximum of 10 inches of fish in there. The betta alone is probably 2.5 inches long. If you don't already have one, you will also need a water test kit to test for ammonia, nitrites and nitrates, as your tank is probably not cycled. The nitrogen cycle process usually takes a few weeks and needs a source of ammonia. You will need to do frequent water changes in the next few weeks until the tank cycles to reduce the damage high levels of ammonia and nitrite (fish waste) would otherwise produce. Good luck and post on the progress!
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Your tank is very cute and colorful! But I agree with Elena. Less is more, when it comes to stocking a tank. And I'm afraid the tank has not yet fully cycled, which puts the fish in danger due to the ammonia levels. Frequent water changes, reducing the quantity of fish, essentially stabilizing the tank before adding more fish is key. I believe the sucker fish is a pleco. Depending on what type, they can grow quite big. I hope this is helpful and keep up the enthusiasm!! You will be a great fishkeeper once you get a little more experience!
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