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Old 02-05-2011, 05:00 PM   #1 
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Moar Plants?

Ive always been wary of live plants in my tank, theyre kind of on the pricey side and I fear killing them! D:

But it would appear my anubias (From petsmart) hasnt done all that badly.

Im considering more plants, though have been having trouble finding out info about them and their care in simple non-super duper exirenced terms :P


Could anyone help me out? :3 Pretty please? <3

My tank is:

A 5 gallon Marineland hex
Filtered w/ a biowheel (in process of cycling)
One betta, maybe a tank mate one day.
Has 2 small anubias sprigs
Many fake plants and terracotta
Heated, tank is usually 82 but likes to jump to 84 when Im not looking (-__-)
Has a flouresant bulb, not sure of the specs.
Gets some natural sunlight.
*Marbles as substrate*<- My biggest issue in research! Can they be kept in this?

I need easy easy easy plants :D Derp! I cant get/do not have a CO2 anything or fertilizer. They also need to be able to live (if planted) in marbles, free floating, or tethered to a fake plant or pot.

I like...
Anubias (obvs)
Java Fern (Does it need planting?)
Dwarf Hairgrass (I would die if this could be done, Alle would adore it!)
Anacharis (Doable without co2?)
Micro Sword

Basically, Ive looked into them and cant figure out if they'd be able to live in my substrate or without the CO2 or fertilizer...

Thanks, guys!! >,< <3
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Old 02-05-2011, 05:11 PM   #2 
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Java fern doesnt like being planted, ive got my java fern tied (with dark coloured thread) to drift wood:
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Old 02-05-2011, 05:15 PM   #3 
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ALSO little bit of hint. if you like mosses and such that you want kind of a ground cover you can get moss like java moss or flame moss(in the pic above the rock at the front has what little flame moss i have left wired to it) and some fly screen, you sandwich the moss between two bits of flyscreen and (id sew it gently together with a flat sinker ((Of a round fishing sinker hammered flat)) under the moss against one side of the screen so it sinks) and the moss will grow through the screen and looks good. i havent any set up at the moment but i have done it before
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