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Sweet betta been hanging on deserves to live thru cottonmouth!

We got our new betta to replace our beloved betta who died late on Christmas night/early am 26th. The 24th of this January we got "Nibble." We didn't realize until we got him home that he was sick. The pet store offered a return with a new fish but we chose to spend every cent we have on making Nibble well :) At first he did not eat, and still can't/won't eat pellets. He is eating flakes, and today, pleasingly, with gusto. He is also building bubble nests.

I do not care for having him in a small bowl (probably less than 1/2 gallon.) We are keeping him there temporarily because he tolerates change badly right now. He did explore the new real estate carefully upon arrival, as well as the stalk plant, so I think he will adapt to a tank well once he is better.

Today he built a nice bubble nest and I'm going to have to disturb it thanks to an algae bloom; the water was only changed yesterday... I'm going to have to buy a bigger bowl today I think for more temp housing. Haven't sure how to get the algae out of his gravel.

The tank we have is 2.5 gallon which he should like; bought a heater etc but it is Aqueon and the filter really seems like it produces a current he will not like at all. Not sure what to do about that which is another problem with moving directly to the tank.

He has hung on so tenaciously and deserves to make it...he's had a long course of BettaFix and that did seem to make him much less lethargic as well as clean up his fins. But he still has bright puffy white stuff around his mouth and a bit of white at the bottom of each eye.

We ordered an antibiotic online but it hasn't arrived yet. We were told by the pet store here that we can't buy an antibiotic locally without a vet's prescription. This is Santa Barbara, CA. I'll get the prescription if I have to but I doubt Nibble wants to go to the vet.

Please help save him. This cottonmouth has not improved since we got him home. I'm pretty worried.
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Stop using bettafix. I have yet to ever hear good things about it.
Def. put him in a bigger bowl, and dont turn the filter on while he is unwell because:
-It makes that current, which he doesnt need right now, let him relax.
-The carbon in the filter cartrage makes the medicine usless. To be honest, better water and food has probably perked him up, not the medicine.

To treat, as far as I know, Id do this:
Change water (EVERY DAY)
Vacuum gravel (bacteria thrive on organic wastes)- Scald it
Add aquarium salt (enhances gill function) - 1tsp/gal
Treat with copper sulfate,antibiotics and chemicals (Acriflavine, Furan, and Terramycin)
Discontinue carbon filtration during treatment
Terramycin is effective in treating foods for internal infections

I dont know if you have any other fish, but DO NOT use ANYTHING he has used on the other fish. Heck, throw your net out once he's better and scald your decor, gravel and tank.

Ive also heard of using Methylene blue.

I'd pm Oldfishlady, to be honest...

Good luck.
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antibiotic, aqueon, bettafix, cottonmouth

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