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Question Slim Coat coming off?

One of my Bettas, Pepper, has been on a salt treatment (AQ salt) for about 3 days now. He just got off one last week due to a minor ick problem that I wanted to get rid of ASAP.

I believe his slim coat is coming off him because I see these clear, white, mucus-y looking thing but then their off him like an hour later. It appears fast. I had this issue with the first salt treatment and someone was telling me it was his slim coat.

I forgot to mention this current salt treatment is for his chewed tail (he did it himself) and I didn't want secondary infection.

My question is should I take him off the AQ treatment now instead of waiting a week? His tail is looking pretty good but I wasn't sure. He's on 1/2teaspoon/1gal because I didn't want to over do it on him because nothing's that major yet. I would like his slime coat to come back so is 3 days enough to make sure there is no secondary infection? He is in a 1gal temporary bin and the water is changed and treated every night. Water temp is 76*F.
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If his fins are looking good I would go ahead and start making 50% daily water changes with fresh dechlorinated un-salted water for a couple of days and then acclimate him back to his regular tank...make an extra water only change to your regular scheduled water changes for another week and then back to your regular routine....just watch him as I am sure you do already.....

Sloughing of the slime coat and replaced with new is normal and may or may not be related to the salt. They will also make more slime when something is irritating them too...
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