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Frozen Brine Shrimp

Just a quick question i guess

i have 1 male betta and 3 peppered cories in a 10 gallon tank

when i feed them sometimes ill put some freeze dried blood worms for the betta to eat before i put the brine shrimp

i then put the frozen block on shrimp in the water, the betta eats it and it all floats around the water and eventually goes to the bottom or gets sucked up by the filter.

good sign is whenever i check back theres no more shrimp in the tank meaning its all getting eatin up right?

does this mean the cories are eating too? theres 1 big fat cory and the rest seem to be a bit smaller, like as if the bigger one is eating most of the food and the 2 littler cories and stuck with the left overs?

should i add another cube when feeding?

am i feeding the correct way?

is there even a 'correct way' to feeding with the frozen brine shrimp?
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I have the frozen brine shrimp that looks like this

I only have to feed them a small sliver that is all it takes I dont have the cube form so cant give advice on that but if they look bloated then they ate too much it may look like they ate it all but it may have settled down in the gravel take something to stir up the gravel and you will see just how much didnt get eaten I only feed mine brine shrimp once a month because no matter how little I give them they still end up bloated
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Brine shrimp is really messy and it decomposes quickly so you wont "see" it in your tank.
The cubes have a LOT of food for just a few fish, it's better to control what they eat.
I place the cube in a container with a little water (not warm) and swish round and round until enough food separates, then pick up the cube and place it back in the freezer inside a little zip bag... the food I got in the container is what I'll feed my fish using tweezers. Brine shrimp are a pain to feed like this but I like knowing no food was left behind to rot in the water.
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