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Exclamation New Betta Owner - White Cloudy Things? Help!!

I've only had my (crownfish?) Betta for a couple days, and I have some questions that research has only provided conflicting answers to. He's developed a white cloudy outline on his tail fins and the back of his dorsal fin - I suspect it is finrot. It isn't significant enough to show up on a photo yet, otherwise I would post one.

Tank Conditions:

- 1.5 gallon tank (anything bigger wouldn't fit on my desk in my dorm)
- Sub-gravel heated to 81F (+/- 2F)
- Filtered
- Some plastic/cloth-like plant decorations
- Glass marbled bottom with some river rocks (Mancala stones)
- 33% water change every day, 100% change on Wednesday.
- Conditioner is added since I only have access to tap water.
- I leave the light on during the day and turn it off at night. It came with a red filter and a blue filter (I'd assume for different light wavelengths preferred by various aquatic plants...), but I haven't used either one yet.

- I am very aware of the Nitrogen Cycle and how it can be beneficial and quite dangerous to fish under circumstance. Since I have such a small tank, I thought for a bit that the ammonia levels were the cause of his finrot (?).

- I believe the pH is somewhere between 7.1 and 7.6. I only had lab-grade chemistry testing strips - nothing specialized for aquarium use. To be honest, I am wary of pilfering more from my chemlab.

Feeding Schedule:

MTWFS - two pellets in the morning, two at night before I go to bed.
Thursday - a freeze dried bloodworm.
Sunday - no food

He hasn't eaten anything except the bloodworm yet, and I have removed all of the pellets he left untouched to minimize decomposition and molding.


He seems incredibly happy in this aquarium. He swims quite frequently and plays games with the occasional bubble created by the filter current. He hides in the foliage and rests on a large leaf close to the surface when I turn the lights off. He's a gorgeous fish and his color has only increased in intensity since I've brought him home. He likes to float above the heater sometimes, and seems like a very inquisitive fish. I wish I could fit a larger tank in my dorm - I feel like I'm limiting his happiness with the few things I am able to provide for him. XD



1) Should I be concerned over the white/light greyish cloudy material developing on his fins? It is not very prominent, but it is definitely there if it is looked for. The surface area has only seemed to increase since I've kept him in his new home.

Ideally, he will be a present for my boyfriend, and since I have invested quite a large sum of money (relatively speaking, I am a starving college student. XD) into this aquarium, I would like this fish to live to its full life potential. Should I go out and purchase the medicine for finrot, or is this not a concern?

2) What do I do about his eating habits? Bloodworms are good for them, but I do not want to overfeed or spoil him with them.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Welcome to the forum....

If the white is just on the edges of the fins it may be new growth and nothing to worry about, I would however, turn your temp down a tiny bit-in the 78F range.....

The 1.5gal tank is fine, you may want to watch the water flow as this can sometimes be a reason/cause of fin injuries as well as some plastic plants that can snag the delicate fins-too rough gravel or large item that can move are also things that can shred and/or pinch of stuff can damage long fin Betta delicate fins......remember these are thing that may cause problems...not always cause a

Once he settle in and adapts to the new environment he should start to eat...some can take weeks when other eat the day you get them and everything you put in front of them....these guys love to keep us on our toes and thinking outside the

It sounds like you have done your research and have a good handle on things thing I will don't want to start throwing in different chemicals or medication...sometimes the best medication is clean dechlorinated water from frequent water changes....In a 1.5gal with a filter twice weekly 50% water to include substrate cleaning with vacuum or stir and dip method- should maintain water quality and the filter media needs a swish/rinse in old tank water with a water change a couple of times a month and when the water flow slows to maintain good water flow...

Again, Welcome and we would love to see a pic of your new wet-pet even though he is a gift for the BF....
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Thank you for the reply!!

I am going to monitor the spread of the white stuff for a couple more days before I go out and buy medication. He seems like it is not affecting him, so I was hesitant to call it finrot and panic. XD

I rescued him from WalMart and disease seems to be pretty common amongst their fish. Their instructions for taking care of these guys were pretty atrocious as well. If it is finrot, and the white stuff persists, do you have any recommendations for medication?

I just turned down his temperature - thank you for the advice.

The plants I put in the tank are all soft plastics or a water-resistant cloth material. Like what artificial flowers are made out of. I substituted glass beads/rocks for gravel because the Betta fish I saw growing up always tore its fin on some of the coarser rocks at the bottom of his aquarium. Gravel just seems like a pain to clean anyways haha.

The current from the filter is not too strong, but it is there. My Betta can definitely swim across it no problem. It slowly pushes him towards the other end of the tank if he is floating directly in its path, but he seems to manage just fine. He seems to like it, actually. XD He sleeps/rests on the other side of the tank where the leafy plants are, so I am not too concerned about him bumping into something unawares.

I've gotten so many comments on him from my dorm-mates already! I am so happy I've made this purchase, and am very excited to be a part of this community. :) Hopefully it will be a part dedicated to something more than just asking questions!

The boyfriend promised to send me lots of pictures of our Betta - he still has a week left in my dorm before transport though. So more will be up soon. :)
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The best treatment I have found for minor fin rot is 100% daily water changes for 5-10days
For more severe fin rot I like to do aquarium salt 1tsp/gal with tannin along with 100% water changes for 10 days while in a small QT floating in the heated tank.

Tannins-naturally dried and fallen from the tree Oak leaf (10-12 crushed/gal) or Indian almond leaf (IAL)(1med-lrg/gal)....steeped in a 1gal jug of dechlorinated water along with the salt-this also make correct dosage and water changes easier by pre-mixing the treatment water.
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