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Old 02-14-2011, 01:36 AM   #1 
Join Date: Feb 2011
Odd behavior, Sherbert the Halfmoon

Got him with almost no fin left from petco, they have bad lighting by the betta so I'm not surprised nobody took him. I take an LED flashlight with me when betta browsing.

So his fins healed most the way but he picked up popeye from the four-way I had him exercising fins in with my sorority. It healed but he's still got a "larger" eye. Not any bigger in diameter but sticks further out.

So what he's been doing when the lights been on too long is he'll wedge his nose down against the rocks with that eye safely hidden in a dent then curl his body up over himself to give himself tail shade.

There's no infection, parasite or anything... just really odd behavior since he can hide his head elsewhere!
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I would start a 10 day Epsom salt(Not aquarium salt) treatment on him.

This has worked for me with popeye and any other type of edema

Put him in a small QT container that can be floated in the heated tank (attached to the side so it doesn't sink)
Get a clean 1gal jug and fill with dechlorinated water of like temp and add 1tsp/gal Epsom salt(Not aquarium salt) use this water for 100% daily water changes for 2 days-then increase the Epsom salt 2tsp/gal and continue the 100% daily water changes with this water for 7 more days-pre mixing the treatment water will help make water changes and correct dosage easier

Maintain water temp in the 76-78F range

You can also add tannins to the Epsom salt treatment water from either-naturally dried and fallen from the tree Oak leaf (10-12 crushed/gal) or Indian almond leaf or blackwater extract or decaf green tea-let one of these steep in the treatment water for at least 1 hour before use-the longer it steeps the more tannins released the dark the water the more the Betta will like it...shake well before use

Make sure the pre-mix treatment water is within a couple of degree in temp between the QT water-so not to cause temp shock problems.

Covering the top of the QT container with plastic veggie wrap will also help by keeping the air above the water warm and humid for the labyrinth organ.

Good luck and keep us posted....
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Old 02-14-2011, 01:55 PM   #3 
Join Date: Feb 2011
Thanks but I did cure the infection, his eye itself is just sticking out a tad.

Just sharing his odd behavior when he wants shade.
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