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Question Feeding Schedule Question

My daughter and I are new betta owners. We have an ice blue crown with red tinges on his fin - gorgeous and lively. We have a 2.5 gallon tank, with automatic heater and a filter, gravel, one artificial plant and a small decorative 'statue'.

There is a plethora of info on betta care on the web and it's conflicting.

My question is regarding a feeding schedule.I have seen everything from a couple pellets a day to 6 pellets 2x a week (from the Petco Aquatics specialist who seemed to know what he was talking about). I am concerned about overfeeding and bloating and would like to prevent problems rather than try to solve after.

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My experience and mine only.. I just had to euthanize our Marco that was almost two years old because we were overfeeding at times and one day it finally bit us in the behind. He always seemed to be hungry and my wife obliged then one day we found him floating on his side and that pretty much sealed his fate. We tried everything and it just got worse. We were going by the guidance of the local PetSmart person and the label on the fish food which basically says feast them.. pretty much.

Now after that horrible experience Max gets three pellets daily in the morning (he is waiting around the waterline for me when I come in to work) and he is fasted on the weekend. I may feed him four on a Monday though because I feel confident it is not too much considering he spent two days wondering where the buffet went. I do alternate on a Friday or Monday and substitute some frozen brine shrimp or daphnia and as a treat once a week I will give him one freeze-dried bloodworm although he prefers the real frozen so that is my option now.

Avoid flakes and free-dried if at all possible and go really light and infrequent on the freeze dried bloodworms. Pellets.. presoak them prior to feeding and you will see just how big they can get. The accepted thought is their stomach is only as big as their eye so look at three soaked pellets and simple deductive reasoning will answer a lot..
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Two times a week is not a good idea; I hate that employees of pet stores give out such bad advice.

How much you feed depends on the size of your betta, but the general guideline is around 3-6 pellets a day. I like to break up their daily feeding into two meals, that way they have some time to digest instead of having a bunch of pellets all at once. I also like to fast my fish one day a week; some people do, some don't, it's a personal choice. But I think it gives their digestive systems a break and can help prevent bloating. Frozen or freeze dried bloodworms and brine shrimp are nice occasional treats.
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I feed my boys 2 pellets in the morning and 2 pellets at night. I always wait until they eat one before feeding the other. I usually go to my boyfriend's 2 days a week, so they get fasted for those 2 days. Since I've started this schedule, I haven't had a problem with bloating. Though when my boyfriend comes over he ends up overfeeding like crazy. Which is okay, he doesn't come over often and I indulge him.
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Thanks for the help! I think we'll go the twice a day feeding, small amounts and a one day fast. Will watch how he responds. I know they CAN go awhile without feeding but why let an animal be hungry unnecessarily?
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