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small fry
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Unhappy Something serious is up with Tony (help)!

Hey guys.

[I know alot of you don't like to read long posts, so I have put most important parts in bold. If you don't have time to read the post, you can skim over the bold words. Thanks!]

There is something seriously wrong with Tony today. He was fine less than an hour ago, but now I fear I am losing him! I don't know why. I will give you all the best description I can, and hopefully I will have some test kit results up later tonight.

Tony is acting very, very strange. He is swimming on his side, and he stops on the glass up on his side and doesn't move unless I stare at him. I am very sad to mention that his tail has been shredded up abit lately. I put him in a divided 10g and the substrate was rocks (I will get some gravel next time I go to Walmart!), and I didn't think of fin ripping before I moved him in there.

Also, afew months ago I washed a plant (or actually just swished it) around in the tank that Tony is in now. If anyone has every bought a live plant in a dry container, they might know about the weird gel with little rock-looking things in it. I am worried that Tony might be choking. Anyone know how I would be able to tell if something is caught in his throat?

Also, I am wondering if Tony is starting to develope SBD. I need to research it, but I don't have alot of time to aimlessly look around on the internet with all the important water changes and water treatments I have to do tonight (those stack up when you have over 6 tanks running with fish in them).

I am worried because he just got a new change in enviroment, a move to a divided 10g tank. Here are the changes;

1) New tank, bigger and new enviroment for Tony
2) New tankmate. Temporarily, Tony is moved in with anyother fish I have (not really important)
3) Filtration; Tony didn't have a filter in his heavily planted 2g hex he moved out of.
4) pH changed from 7.4 to 7.7. I am abit worried about the sudden change.
5) The most recient change is my camping trip diesaster I will talk about later.

Here is the story on the camp weekend diesaster...I had to go on a weekend campout, and I ask my sister to watch and feed my fish. She KNOWS how to do it. She has seen me feed my fish dozens of times, and I made sure she felt comfortable doing it. BIG MISTAKE! I come back to a traumatic diesaster! She WAY overfed Tony twice. "I was just feeding him how much I feed Luke", I always tell her she is WAY overfeeding Luke, and she KNOWS that Tony only eats a little bit, one time a day!!

If that wasn't bad enough, she dumped half a bag (only exagerating a little bit) of pellet food I feed the other fish in the tank when she fed him. "[our little brother] made a noise and I accidently dumped part of the bag in the tank. Sorry."! I can't believe it! She poisons my fish during camp, and fails to mention it until 30 minutes after I get home.
We had cell access at camp, so much for "call me if anything goes wrong"! I guess she just didn't think anything was wrong, because if that had happened to one of her fish, she probably wouldn't have cared.

I am going to test my water VERY soon! I have been waiting to go to Walmart (don't have a driver's license yet) all day because I want some substrate down before I change the substrate. That is why I haven't gotten all the stuff that was dropped in the tank out of the tank.

The reason I haven't tested the water yet is because I was eating supper when I realized Tony's sudden condition, and even after washing my hands (without hand soap), my hands still probably have a trace was finger food and I am a grease-a-phobic for this very reason!

Anyway, I think it might be one of the following;

1) Choking
2) SBD
3) Ripped fins causing in-stability
4) Sudden Ammonia/Nitrate poisoning

If there is anything you think it could be, feel free to suggest! I am very worried about my first betta and one of 4 of my first fish (2 are still alive) that I got way back in June of last year (I know, that isn't very long, but I have learned SO much since then).

Sorry for the lengthy post! Please help if you can! I am open to suggestions, diagnoses, etc.

Thanks guys!
small fry,
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small fry
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Join Date: Oct 2010
Location: East Texas
Tony is still alive. I am monitering his condition. I'll post the test results later. I will run to Walmart later today to get some aquarium gravel.

I'll keep you all posted (if anyone is watching this thread, that is).
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Did you do a water change and siphon out any uneaten food that was in there? That would be the first thing I'd do.
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Old 02-16-2011, 09:29 AM   #4 
small fry
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Location: East Texas
Thanks for the reply!

I never thought about using my siphon to get that stuff out. Very good idea. I am going to Walmart today to get some gravel, and I will completely empty all the food out when I take out the decor.

I am just worried that this would restart the cycle. I do have some Anacharis in the tank that is helping to control the toxicity a little bit, but I don't know if taking out the rock substrate would remove the biological colonies and restart the nitrogen cycle. I suppose I could "quick start" the process by use of other plants and/or gravel if need be.

Thanks again!
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If the improved water quality doesn't help I would do a 10 day Epsom salt treatment-this will help swim bladder issues, constipation, fin issues.

Put him in a small QT container that can be floated in the heated tank (attached to the side so it doesn't sink)

Get a clean 1gal jug and fill with dechlorinated water of like temp and add 1tsp/gal Epsom salt(Not aquarium salt) use this water for 100% daily water changes for 2 days-then increase the Epsom salt 2tsp/gal and continue the 100% daily water changes with this water for 7 more days-pre mixing the treatment water will help make water changes and correct dosage easier

Hold all food for the first 3 days and then offer half feeding twice a day during treatment

Maintain water temp in the 76-78F range

You can also add tannins to the Epsom salt treatment water from either-naturally dried and fallen from the tree Oak leaf (10-12 crushed/gal) or Indian almond leaf or blackwater extract or decaf green tea-let one of these steep in the treatment water for at least 1 hour before use-the longer it steeps the more tannins released the dark the water the more the Betta will like it...shake well before use

Make sure the pre-mix treatment water is within a couple of degree in temp between the QT water-so not to cause temp shock problems.

Covering the top of the QT container with plastic veggie wrap will also help by keeping the air above the water warm and humid for the labyrinth organ.

Good luck and keep us posted....
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Lots of food in a cycled tank can mean sudden shocks in ammonia nitrite and then a fast rise in nitrate. If you have no means to check nitrate always assume its too high after a food spill or a plant die-off. Remember to do a water change THEN siphon the bottom if it's rocked/planted and then add more water in.

If he looses color or goes very lethargic in the epsom salt treatment you should immediately but smoothly return the water to normal consistency, best to always have 2x the needed prepared water on hand.

Do not treat with epsom salts in tank water, always new water.

The floating on side can either be SBD or can simply be insufficient ballast. Several of the girls and one boy I have gotten from wallyworld were side floating because they ate air for lack of food. Its one of those hard to tell things. Remember to give him attention more often, energetic betta fare much better.
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small fry
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Location: East Texas
Just an update. Tony is actually doing great. He is no longer showing any of the symtoms (minus the ripped fins, but those stopped ripping) since last night.

I spent all this after noon I cleaned out his tank, and it is looking nice. Tony and his buddy are happier, I think, than they were earlier. I will try to get some pics up later.

I am sorry I can't read your previous post now because I have band practice in 5 minutes, but I will read them later. Thank you all so much for your imput!
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