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Feist Won't Mend

I'd take a picture but there is no physical signs of illness other than a trail of big, thick, milky whiteish-yellow poop hanging from her. She swims up for air only, rarely moving otherwise, she is not eating at all and for the most part she actually sits vertically on her tail facing the surface.

Her scales aren't raised, she is definitely not bloated.

Yes, she is in a 1gal bowl without a heater but I have had her in this setting for a long time now keeping the heat in my condo/the water in her bowl at a comfortable temperature. I used to change her water every 3 days and for the last month, since I first noticed her fatigue I have been changing it daily, adding aquarium salt every few days and have lowered her water level so she is able to get to the surface to breath.

There is no improvement. There is also no possibility I can get medicine for her. I figure all I can do now is make her comfy versus put her out of her misery. Well, truthfully I can't purposely harm her at all, I damn near had a panic attack at the thought looking at her little face.

Is there anything else that can be done? Should I put her mostly in the dark? Away from her neighbouring females? What can I do to lessen the stress?
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White poop is a sign of internal parasites. I'm not sure what medications you would use, but I was told to feed my fish food rolled in garlic juice to help. I think a really big problem is that the medications for some of these problems are so harsh that for a fish with a compromised immune system, they finish them off. I would suggest IMing Old Fish Lady to see if she has any natural remedies you might try. I'm sorry about your fish and I hope she pulls through.
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