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I have that kind, theyre good but completley see through! I substituted the clear meshy stuff with plastic crochet mesh for 50 cents :D Its harder to see through- especially if you put one in securely like a normal divider and them put a second on tied to it (but not IN the slits, because it might not fit right..) in a way that the squares go from open [ ] to half closed by eachother [ | ] :DD
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You could go on ebay ( unless your LFS has it) and get suction cup divder holders, gets a square of plastic ( the kind that is a lil thick just thick enought to hold its shape) drill holes into it and place it into the divder holder :) thats what im doing.
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You can remove everything from the tank without it dying as long as you keep everything wet and aerated. So you can move everything into a bucket and place your running filter in there, divide your tank and then move everything back in. Of course, make sure the bucket you're using is clean of any chemicals because THAT will kill your bacteria.
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the nitrifying bacteria are a lot tougher than most people think. Just leave the hang-on-back filter on the back with water in it. Shouldn't be too hard to spread the rock at the bottom and work with it in the way.

I rotate backup filters all the time and let them sit dry for up to three months and they have rarely even lost processing power. These bacteria actually live in fairly dry soils in the wild. They can't poop without fresh water so its advisable to do a water change so they don't go to sleep with nitrite in them.

A couple hours is nothing to them.

The reason why cycling a tank the first time or cycling a new bio-filter the first time takes so long is the whetting and mineral deposition onto the bio-media. This is why people prefer ceramic rings/bolts in canister filters over bio-balls, it takes longer for the bacteria to build up on plastic. Just be gentle with the bio media in the filter but if you DO dry it out all the way have a new carbon and fiber filter card ready to go, they'll blow tons of junk and the carbon isn't very effective after the bacteria that grow on it have dried out and been sucked into it.
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