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Try Sayuri brand betta Pellets.

Also Try soaking them in pure garlic juice (Stimulates appitite and also will buuild a resistace up against internal parasites.
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Thanks for the replies!!

The fishies seem ok for now, the one that I've been watching like a hawk during feeding times built quite the bubblenest this morning.

"BlueHaven: Did you make sure the water temperature was the same while doing a water change?"
Yup - I let the water warm to room temperature (got a thermometer to make sure) for about 20 mins before I let the fish back in. It's been about 24-26C "room temperature" lately (probably bit higher during the day), so I don't think it was a water temperature shock.. I'm going to get a heater for their new tank for sure, and monitor the temperatures. It probably won't need to turn on until the weather turns colder though.

"cjayBetta: Sometimes betta's get bored with their food..."
Hmmm...I'm hoping that's the problem, because if he's just bored then he's not getting sick :)
I'll have a look for some flakes or smaller-sized pellets and see if they like them! And maybe some bloodworms. I don't think these fish have had any treats other than their regular food.

Turtle10: AHHH math! My brain hurts! lol. :)
And yep we use liters here.
I try to use online conversion pages whenever gallons and Fahrenheit are mentioned on this forum :)
According to that though, their vases are probably less than a gallon! I think they're only a couple of liters... EEK. I plan to make a trip to the pet store for all the aquarium-setup necessities on my next day off work (which is soon) and try to set their new tank up ASAP. It would have quite a bit more room for each of them.

"Pekemom: I've got a small female betta and the regular sized pellets were too big for her. These are the ones she gets now (just a few) and they are perfectly sized for her mouth!"
I wonder if these are available in Australia! Have seen recommendations for this brand on this forum's threads :)
Sometimes by the time the fish gets to the food, the pellet has started to expand in the water and I wonder if it is literally too big for them to swallow at once. I'll try to look for these ones.

"karlhague Try Sayuri brand betta Pellets.
Also Try soaking them in pure garlic juice (Stimulates appitite and also will buuild a resistace up against internal parasites. "

No idea what brands are here in Australia but I'll see what I can find - thank you.
Also, garlic juice? :O Really? I never thought fish would enjoy garlic. What do you do? Literally... squish a piece of garlic and soak the pellets for a bit??
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Garlic is in a lot of betta specific food pellets - if you can see the tiny type on the little jars and read the ingrediant list, it's quite often listed.
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