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Betta unboxing...

Female VT from petco, she's about 34mm long and was green in store/flashlight lighting.

I live in perpetual hope they stay green, only three ever have XD

So I put her on my desk and turned on my single-bulb led desk lamp (walmart, $20) and she starts looking around.

Her shadow on the desk turned up and wiggled fins to greet her, she liked that.

Ooh, it brought a sunken pellet. Nom Nom, flare at shadow. How quickly they turn jealous.

Realized more pellets on top the water and proceeds to swim around cleaning up. these are half millimeter Hikkari tropical fancy guppy btw.

Twist and turn, getting more bluish and less green-white stripish by the moment.

Grey-black head color... uhoh, she cleaned out the pellets and I forgot to move the jar of them, its clear glass.

She doesn't know I'm watching her yet... she greeted me in the Petco (crystal clear water, I just went in to take a bag of same pellets to aquarium boss there and this pretty green thing curtsies at me.)

Oooh, there's that black betta below her, and it turned to say 'hi' again.

Swimming round the cup looking at my arms, keyboard and monitor (am wearing black work knit, nothing there!).

~Sigh~ Yup, she's blue. Guess I'll have to dump her where I put all the blue ones. Sorority tank you go! But not until we play a bit.

Micropellet faerie is visiting again!
Put flake in with five micropellets... she's ignoring flake.
... still ignoring flake.

SPAZFINWIGGLE! "What's that over there, can I eat it?!?!?!" nom
spit spit? (yah, little one, I don't like salad either)

Added fifteen cc Sorority water then drop and rinse of both pima and mela.
No second nibble on flake.

Nailed freeze dried blood-wormlet.
Attacked f.d. tubifex shaving but thinking about it.
F.d. tubifex is slowly going away (like five strands 4mm long)

Now pondering my Lorna Doones. Another tubifex...

Still ignoring flake... temp has matched. Time to meet the girls.

In tank she's a vivid bright blue with almost black head. Hm, her little fins are color of the forum main page blue.
Viewing self in corner, two reflections, that's new to her.

Nod, indigo and royal blue, just took a bit of the flake from her cup. She swam off confused.

(yes, little one, there are four corners in the tank and they all have two of you!)

Hm, blutip the guppy is breeching fry!
~big black bar~ oh the carnage, the inhumanity, the ... go get em Fins!!! nom.

New girl is just hovering in one corner examining herself. We'll leave her there and I'll quietly not think about naming her so I figure a good one.
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