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Cool Just snailing around!

First things first, I know my title is stupid and doesnt make any sense but it did get your attention soooo :P
Second, my girlfriend gave me one of her nerite snails and I was wondering, how many times a week i should feed him? I have some wafers for him and he is currently cruising around in my 10 gal tank. Also i was wondering, should i just put the wafer in the tank for him to eat or should I take him out and put him in a jug during his feeding time? Let me know what you think, thanks!
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You should just put in a wafer. 2-3 a week should be fine, depending on his feeding habits.
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Old 02-23-2011, 01:13 PM   #3 
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Ooorrrr you couldve listened to the one who GAVE YOU THE SNAIL and the wafers and feed him either a whole every 2 days, a half every two all week or a quarter every day like I do for his BROTHER >~>;
youmakememadsometimesDan! D:<
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LOL Pew Pew Pew i do the same thing my bf will tell me something about my bettas (that hes never had before) and ill slip on the forums to check if thats the way something is done lol. be gentle with him haha.
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Nerites are extremely picky with their foods. They prefer constant supply of algae above anything else. Can you manage to culture algae? It's easily done if you have constant source of sunlight. By the way, as with all snails, your water must be hard and alkaline as soft acidic water can cause shell pitting, detrimental to snails' health.

Once shell pitting occurs on the nerite snails, there's no way the damage will repair itself.
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