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Old 02-18-2011, 10:46 PM   #1 
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Smile Proud fish owner

Hello everybody,

I just got my first fish like a week ago. He is a blue veil betta male and his name is Fluffy Blueboner (silly yes). I tried to get as much information as I can from the store associate but now I realize...well she didn't know a lot. After I got home I started searching on the internet everything I can find about him and I have some questions.
I have 1 gal tank,gravel and a fake plant. No light or heater (although temp at home is always around 73. I got some betta pellets and bloodworms , I would like to give him different type of food so he won't be bored with his diet. I make sure I change 30% of the water every other day but I just read 100% change every week is a must. Is it true? I really don't want to stress him much since apparently I made a mistake buying such a small tank on the first place.

I noticed he's making bubble nest (Which I kinda destroyed with the water change today,oh I feel so bad),does it really mean he's happy or he's ready to ..make love :) ?

The water is cloudy at the moment and I think it's really my fault-gave him more food than he can eat. How can I handle it?
I use spring water and one of those water cleaners thing from the pet store.

What kind of decoration will be suitable for him?I tried to get him a cave but I end up buying a huge thing ( my husband insisted that we can fit it in the tank ). I read something about specific plant that betta love?

What about the betta bed? Is it really worth it or it's just bs?
Also I read that it will be good to put a mirror in front of him for a couple minutes once a week, so he feels territorial (?!) and stimulate his colors. Which I did and he was so amazing , but I don't want to give him heart attack or something.

I really want to take a good care of him,it's my first baby and I would hate myself if I do something to cause his unhappiness or early death () .
Also I put a background thingy behind the tank (James Patterson bright yellow and lime green book) so he won't blend.
I would appreciate any help I get,even though I spent every night reading on the forum.

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Old 02-19-2011, 10:23 AM   #2 
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Welcome to the forum and to the wonderful world of Betta keeping....

In a 1gal unfiltered tank-I would make twice weekly water changes....1-50% and 1-100%.....make sure the water is within a couple of degrees between the new and old water so not to cause temp shock problems and always use a good dechlorinater with any new water added...

I would use your tap water with a good dechlorinator...bottle water will get expensive and it lacks the needed minerals the fish needs for good health...or at lest 50/50 tap and bottled with the dechlorinator....

You need to get a heater and thermometer to maintain a stable water temp in the 76-80F range

Don't overfeed and remove any uneaten food after feeding with a siphon, net or turkey baster...

Look forward to seeing some pics and hearing more about your new wet-pet.....
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OFL is right about everything. I would consider getting a larger tank; maybe 2 gallons? They provide more swimming room and help your fish to thrive. I do 100% weekly water changes and I'm so happy with it. I'm sure my fish loves it too. Remember if you have any questions please post on the fourm. We here love to help new members. :) Hope you enjoy your new hobby, I sure do! :D
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Old 02-19-2011, 08:24 PM   #4 
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Yeah,we are getting a new tank (10 gal) but I read that 2-3 weeks water cycling is mandatory so I guess Fluffy have to stick around in the smaller one for a while :(
I need to fix one of the plants in his tank,he's been playing around it and somehow pulled it out of the gravel.Can I just fix it with my bare hands?Is that a problem or I need gloves of some kind? Of course I will make sure they are clean with no trace of soap or something like that.
I removed all the excess food today,it's my bad I never had a fish before (been volunteer in pet shelters for 3 years now but not good with reptiles etc). Got him 2 new plants and a new light.
Do I really need a background thing for him or he's fine with my home-made book thing?I saw some at Walmart today-$14 each. That's ridiculous.

I gotta say Comet is quite impressive.I would say he's more reddish than anything else.

OFL is that a halfmoon ? Im trying to educate myself but Im still not good with all the different colors and tails.Oh I am so happy with my new hobby.

And I want to apologize if my posts don't make sense sometimes,I am trilingual and it's somewhat harder for me to focus on my grammar.

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Old 02-19-2011, 09:57 PM   #5 
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Nepale~ What are the two other languages you speak? Your grammar is just fine. Lots of good luck with your fish and new hobby. I know you will enjoy this forum, too!
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Actually I speak English,German. And Russian and Bulgarian ( very similar languages so I count it as one).

The link in your signature is just the cutest thing ever . He/she is so chubby I just want to pinch it's cheeks.

And I gotta say ...the new hobby is so addictive,kinda like getting a tattoo . You just want more and more , I am already planning to get another one,they are soo pretty.
Also I admire the people here,it takes a lot of patience to explain the same things over and over.
Me <- Noob.

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Old 02-19-2011, 10:07 PM   #7 
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=)) My blood parrots were so tame, they fed from my hand and you *could* pinch their cheeks!! That's amazing that you can speak all those languages. Looking forward to having you on the forum!
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Old 02-19-2011, 11:17 PM   #8 
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You can cycle a tank with your betta, you just need to make sure the water chemical levels stay low.

Btw, your grammar is EXCELLENT. I could not tell English wasn't your first language.

It isn't mine either :)
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Old 02-21-2011, 09:38 PM   #9 
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Wow, 4 languages! That's awesome. My sister-in-law speaks German, Polish, French and English. Spanish was my dad's first language and I wish we would have been raised speaking Spanish and English but for some reason he chose not to.
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Betta Slave
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I won't bother echoing everyone else, but welcome to the forum and the Betta Bug! :P When do we get to see some pics of Fluffy?
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