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Money to burn on fish books!

While I was cleaning my room this weekend, I found Christmas money from three Christmases ago. This says something about both the condition of my room and my taste in hiding spots ("Ooh, this will be a good place, no one will find it and steal it from here!" One month later: "Wait, where is my money?")

Anywho, I want to spend it on a really good book about aquariums. I'd want this book to have good information on fish care and disease treatment in particular. It would be nice if it had some info on fish preferences and compatibility as well. Has anyone ever seen such a book? I don't flinch at books with a lot of science in them, so don't hesitate to recommend something like that if you think it's worthwhile.
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I say, keep saving your money!
There's a LOT of information online... just need to search.
I've never read a book on fish, and I read a LOT, all I know I've learned online or here in the groups... really just need to ask :D
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My problem is, you can find something on the internet to support anything at all you want to do, and often it's hard to tell if the authors are legitimate. It seems like books should be better peer reviewed. You may be right, though.
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I do agree that I would not buy just any bok if there is a really cool aqurium book out there though it would be pretty cool to have for anyones collection.I love collecting cool random books.
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Just go to online sites that sell books (amazon, barnes & nobles etc) and look for books about fish. Sort them by average customer reviews (books with the best reviews get sorted first). Here's a good looking one I found:

More Books from Amazon

Dont forget to check out at your local library! Its usually free ;) I once found an AMAZING book about how to decorate tanks. Tons of styles. From colored gravel & hamster tubes to Planted biotope tanks.
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OR OR OR you can compile your own information and put together your own book for your own use :)
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A book that I really like and agree with about 95% of and this is rare for "Tropical Fishlopaedia" a complete guide to fish care by Mary Baily and Peter Burgess....I got it off Amazon used for $1.00 and $3.99 S/ covers ecosystems, health, illness, nutrition......I highly recommend this book....

My favorite Betta Book is, "Bettas A Complete Introduction" by Walt is kinda old but has great general information...some of it is dated....but still a really good book I got a hundred years ago....laffs.....

Magazine are great source of general information too....I get Tropical Fish Hobbyist ($26.00/yr) and Aquarium Fish International($12.99/yr) every month...I have even won several times in the readers reward section and that pretty neat....

I love books and magazine, however, sometimes some information can be dated or even wrong...I have caught several error in both book and always good to have several different sources of information.....

Happy reading.....
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