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Angry Betta rant

WARNING: You are about to read a rant covering many things from LFS conditions to youtube videos. Viewer discretion is advised (Jk)

I hate reading on here about how everyones petcos are amazing and clean with their Bettas, and then realizing mine is terrible and full of dead fish, and every pet store that I know of here has Bettas that are sick and in terrible cups. Some times I get lucky and find healthy Bettas, but every store here has at least one dead Betta on display!

Then the few places that carries some healthy Bettas also carries tanks .1-.5 gallons right next to them. Most of the time the tanks are much less than half a gallon, have you seen that Betta tank by lees? It's basically a bit smaller than the cup (One of the smaller sized ones, not the huge petco ones) well, one of my LFS sells them as "appropriate homes for Bettas" For a couple of bucks. Those and half gallon Betta kits...

And youtube. The worlds worst video, EEEVER. These guys put 2 males in a container, dropped them on the table, and put them in a wine glass and made them fight (After puring in some kind of alchohaul in it) Then videos showing that half gallon divided hex thingy with Bettas spawning in it with a divider in. And many fighting vids... many of those. I want to eat all youtube users who do this kind of stuff (Yes, me and my pathetic phrases showing anger).

I swear we NEED to end this. I believe that fish aren't even in the animal cruelty laws. I know I'm repeating what has been said many times, but it's terrible. Fish are living creatures with feelings and thoughts, and many die a slow torturous death in little torture chambers. Doing this to a fish is like doing it to a person, the laws for doing it to a person would land that person in jail for 30+ years. With fish of course nothing happens and millions of cases are around us. Down with the Betta haters!! :e vil:
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i go through the youtube thing all the time. Dx i've resorted to flagging, disliking, and if they really disgust me, commenting rudely on them.

my lps does sell those tiny betta tanks, but i rarely see them advertise them. i mean, yeah, the fish guy puts the fancier bettas in the huge-looking divided hex things, without the dividers in them(one betta per thingie), but he's not saying "this is a perfect home for them!" or anything. just showing off the fancy-pants fishies.
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I've actually never seen one of those videos... The very thought makes me sad for what could have happened to my little Betta boys if I hadn't bought them. You know, if you get enough animal lovers riled up about it, it's possible to do something. Get people pumped, show them the beauty of not just Bettas but ALL fish. Take vids that show how each fish really does have it's own personality, stuff like that. Get people interested and thinking. If enough of us start screaming, someone's got to hear!
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