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Angry An incovienient...ich.

-__- Ahjrualsdkfhaskdjfahksdfhk arrghhh!

Alle has ich! Wragh! I dont know quite how he managed to get it, but goodness knows. Im currently treating him for it, and its possible he got it from the tetra who had it due to stress (who is healthy now, urgh! One gets cured the other gets sick!)

My biggest issue is this:

Alle has ich. Alle needs to be in QT with AQ salt and ich meds...
But Alle lives in a tank with a snail and a fliter that has carbon T-T So he's in a .5+gallon QT with lots of fun to play and sleep in live plants and a heater, along with a bit of salt til that nasty stuff gets free swimming and I CAN KILL IT >:D

But what blows is my valentine's day gift (Basch, my AB Boy!) is coming, anywhere from tomorrow to Friday :'c Urgh! I need him in QT, but as of yet have only the tank Alle is healing in, the tank the lone tetra is in (which will probably go to Basch) and the big tank that had Ichy alle in it.
So theyre all by ich! lol

My question is: If I leave the tank without Alle in it, will any possible ich thats in there die from lack of host? If so, how long? Idk what to do if I cant use that tank! @_@
If after a few days the ich would die from no host, Id put my tetra in there and let him frolic around the huge tank XD and then have the boys in their seperate QT's.
Can I Can I can I?! T-T

5 gal stats:
5.5ish gals, heated atm (with the crappy heater) to like 74-77', marble substrate, live and fake plants, filtered w/carbon filter (Cycled..dont wanna lose my cycle!), will have no light, snail in there, no salt/meds because of the snail.

I want to kill this ich for good D:<

Btw, only noticed the ich today, so I'd imagine its in its earlier stages...
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