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Question Question....

So, I looked to see if anyone had asked these questions already, but didn't see where anyone had asked this....Forgive me if this is redundant...
How soon do Male Betta's start making bubble nests? The last one I had (Tye-Dye) started right away...
My new one (Sky) had a few bubbles in his old tank, but he hasn't started any new ones in his new home. (Went from 1.6 gallon no filter, no light, no heater to 10 gallons with light,filter, and a heater.) We put him in Monday night.
I am wondering if the filter is popping his bubbles,( I made a baffle for it) or is he just getting used to his new home? He was in his old tank for 6 days, and only made about 3 I doing something wrong? I just want him to be Happy!! Since he has been in his new tank, he is swimming around like crazy, exploring, and looks super happy, but I always thought that they blow bubbles when they are happy.......???????
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Some bettas never blow bubbles... even when you introduce a female for spawning. These will eventually blow them but the lack of a bubblenest doesn't stop them from spawning.
Bubbles aren't indication of a happy/healthy fish. I've seen bettas in very bad conditions at petstores with a whole lot of bubbles.
I've had perfectly happy and healthy bettas who never made a nest.
If you want to see bubbles, maybe floating an Indian Almond Leaf in the tank will induce him to make one. My fish prefer it for bubblesnests over the styro cup or the bubblewrap... but this is my experience with spawning... I don't try to coach them into making bubbles just because.
Maybe once he settles down he will start making bubbles.
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Thank You! That's good to know, he seems really happy otherwise!! :) Btw, how can you tell how young or old a betta is?
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