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Snail needed/ideal?

One of our local Petco guys said yes a snail is fine and helps keep the tank clean, the other (the same supposed aquatic specialist who said to feed 2x a week, 6 pellets) said we could get a snail but that eventually the betta would eat it. With our first betta this is exactly what happened. Bye-bye snail (can't even remember what kind it was, poor thing). I've seen on this forum that many have snails and they do well. Our tank is only a 2.5 gallon heated, filtered tank. Would a snail even be worth the mess it would generate? Thus far 50% water changes and the filter are keeping the water crystal clear.

And why does Petco not have standardized, ACCURATE, training of their fish folks? Some seem to really know their stuff while others clearly don't!
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Adding anything to the tank will need supplement feeding....yes, a snail will help a little with some clean up, however, this is a closed system with limited resources or the snail will need fed at some point unless you leave a few pellets uneaten by the Betta in the tank a couple of times a week for the snail to feed off it worth the extra mess.....all depends on why you want the snail....if its for extra interest in the tank or for cleaning only......some Betta will kill and eat or harass them to no end......regardless.......the needed twice weekly water changes on a 2.5g filtered tank would be the same to maintain water quality with or without the added snail.....

And remember-even with a filter and clear still have pollution in the form of DOC's, ammonia, nitrite and high nitrates that you can't see.....and why the twice weekly 50% water changes are needed to remove it to maintain water quality......
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We were just looking for more interest in the tank. We're not having any issues with cleanliness or the like. Razz eats EVERYTHING we put in there. When he's fed, it's one item at a time and he gets the next one when 1st is consumed. Maybe if we were to build up to a larger tank at some point we'd consider the additional critters but for now will stick with what we have. Still need to get some experience under my belt!! Thanks for the quick reply!
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I don't think I'd put apple or nerite snails in a tank that small. You may consider colored ramshorns (Planorbis sp.). They usually work just fine for small tanks. And there are various species of trumpet snails that also work.

This is a case by case basis. Some bettas eat snails, some just ignore them. It's all sheer luck. You need back up tanks/tubs if your betta starts harassing the poor snails.
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