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Old 02-24-2011, 02:46 AM   #1 
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Location: Hawaii
Unhappy Tailbiting again...

Well, I think my Betta, Pepper, might be a chronic tail-biter. I came home from the gym and found his tail in shreds. The only reason I can think of why he would do this again is that his tail might be too heavy, which is what I think he did the first time because if grew back in a fair amount of time. Another reason I think is that I just put him in a 14gal divided tank with my other Betta, Noche. But since this has happened before I think he just thinks his tail is too heavy. He is acting normally and eating fine.

Both Bettas can still see each other, I've tried to cover with fake plant and keep the tank dark but they still find each other and start flaring. Pepper just swims away when he's bored and plays with his reflection instead.

Anyways, I don't think I will treat with salt quite yet. I posted a thread earlier about him tearing his tail and was just told if the water params stay good there should be no infection. The next 50% water change is on Saturday and the tests from today showed:
Ammonia: 0.0ppm
Nitrites: 0.0ppm
Nitrates: 0.0ppm
pH: 7.6

Another reason I don't want to treat with salt is that he is still adjusting to his new home and I rather not stress him out more. I just put him and Noche in about 3 days ago.

Anyways I was just wondering if anyone else has delt with a Betta that tail bites and what you do for treatment. I would like some feedback on what I am doing, thanks!
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Reference Team
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Location: Victoria, Australia
I have a beautiful DTHM male that recently absolutely shredded his back fin. I was shocked when I saw how badly he'd damaged it.

I don't really believe in using salt for something simple like a torn tail. In fact, all I use to heal bad tears, is frequent water changes, a good, high-protein diet, and recently, I've been testing out using Ariston's Betta Spa as well.

So far his tail has shown steady signs of regrowth, and he no longer looks like a plakat.

Edit I forgot to add that my male was biting due to seeing his reflection in the back of his tank. I added a couple of pieces of driftwood, some crypts, and moved his tank to a different location. So far he's been bubble nesting for the female in the tank over, and hasn't taken anymore out of his tail.

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Guys instead of Aquarium salt for ton tails/fins.

Try using Indian Almond leaf/Extract, its more natural and shows huge improvement quite fast
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Location: Hawaii
Thanks you guys! I'll look into the stuff. I'm over in Hawaii and surprisingly I can't find much fish places anywhere. When I get back to Oregon I'll be upgrading my tank to full time plants.

I think it was just him not liking his tail heavy because he didn't take off much. Other than that he's been active and harassing my other Betta. I am concerned he hasn't started a bubble nest though.

But yeah, I just got some money so I'll be looking into getting some stuff off Amazon :)
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