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Question Bored, perhaps?

I've always wondered why my girlie does this.
She's a very active/hyper betta, and she LOVES to swim around all the ornaments I've provided her, but sometimes, she just kinda pulls away from the world a bit and goes to her one spot in the tank, which is behind one of the plants, and kinda sits there at the bottom. Like she's bored.

Then she'll come back out to swim around, and then go back.
Usually, bettas that I've raised longer do that alot, like my last girl, Delta, but she died about 2 months ago. She'd always go to her little spot at the bottom of the tank under the orange plant.

Leonardo does the same too. Before I go to bed, I turn off her light and she heads to that spot. When I wake up in the morning, she comes out from that spot.

Do you know why? o: IS IT HER SECRET HIDEOUT?

She lives in a heated 2.5 gallon with live plants. :3
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Hmm, maybe it is her "bedroom" lol. That is so cute she does that. It is her own little space :)
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yup, since they can't close their eyes they will go someplace they don't find distracting and always go back there.

This is one of the more important reasons for low flow in the tank, to keep them from having to wedge in someplace. While they're asleep they will go to the surface for air unconsciously and glide back down.

Betta can go insane from lack of sleep, so don't discourage sleep behavior. Goat likes to wriggle in to the daisy-cuts on the fake plants that are attached to a stone arch ornament.
Sherbert loves to nose into one of his banana plants, he killed one doing it.
Blu likes to sleep nose somewhat down, she'll prop herself in corners facing out with her tail up.
Emmy(gone) liked to lay over on one side a little, one eye downward the other towards the surface.
Sheen and Cherries will actually sleep mouth-to-tail side by side, it keeps the chinese algae eater off them.
Twinkle will glide right in gently beside the algae eater and sleep with it, it stays put.

I've been adding plants to my tanks lately so I have enough to immediately transfer into the 30B when I move to it, lots of fish hiding spots and now the only one that sleeps in the open is brownie. No pic of her yet, she doesn't like the front of the tank.

One thing that constantly bothers Sherbert is after he had pop-eye his eye didn't shrink all the way back down, its clearly telephoto so he sometimes lays on his side with it aimed into the rocks.

Cambi a marble-multicolor cambodian girl with a HYOOGE tail... used to have to sleep in one specific location so she could reach the surface. She had no swim bladder and had to power her way up. A 150b filter she was sleeping on wrapped her around the intake. I got her off in time to live but it damaged her bladder. She lived quite a while after that but I had to be careful to net her up to the surface when I started moving stuff around or did water changes. It takes the length of a 10g or more for a betta to get the speed up for a flight to the surface.

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