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I posted this in Betta care but think it was the wrong place so I will post here and hopefully get some info


I recently set up a 29g tall tank with a penguine biowheel 150 and a I BELIEVE a Current 30" satellite 65w smartpaq with the lunar light. I purchased the light a few years ago and it's been in storage but I looked it up and pretty sure that's it!

Right now I have some driftwood and fake plants and 4 real plants. I added a few betta bulbs with tiny little stalks growing so they will be plants soon.

I added 7 female bettas yesterday and today and they seem to be doing really good so far. I just read that I need a heater so thats going to be next on my list!

A few questions are: I want to add a few group fish, maybe ottos and either giant danios or a smaller danio, I really like the purple passion danios too. But it will be a few weeks or so to decide on that. Just wondering if any of those guys would do well?

How long should I wait to add a mystery snail? I would like to just have maybe one mystery snail and one or two striped nerite snails. Right now I have one small ramshorn that came with one of my plants. but I don't want to put them in too early if there isn't stuff for them to eat yet. What can you feed snails?

How many real plants can I get and which ones would be best for my light? I was thinking of mixing even fake and real, I don't really want to get a CO2 system for the heavily planted tanks but I want the look of lots of plants.

Any and all input is greatly apprecieated!

ALSO and good tips for camera settings ect to get good close ups of my fish??
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