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Old 02-28-2011, 05:00 PM   #21 
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Plain finely crushed flake fish food that you feed the adults will be fine for guppy fry food...they are not picky and will eat most anything given...they are fully formed and ready to eat within hours of being dropped.

Some female guppies will eat the fry as fast as they are dropped and other will not eat any or just a few

By providing both upper level and lower level hiding places in the form of floating and rooted plants and moss- will help increase chances of more fry survive-either the mother or other fish eating them.
The more volume of water the better, I recommended a full tank to give the fry more space to get out of the mothers way and/or line of site to increase odds of more surviving.

Be careful over stressing the mother-this can cause her to abort or premature drops and the fry usually will not survive

Even without a male-she should have roughly 4-6 sperm packets stored and should drop fry every 28-31 days for the next 4-6 months.....

Livebearer fry are one of the easiest fry to tend to in my experience-easiest to feed and grow out...most tolerant of ranges of water temps but tend to do best in harder water.
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Today while messing around with my community tank I notice a guppy fry! The guppy finally gave birth after I put her back with the others. I found a total of three guppy fry. They are now in my cherry shrimp and snails only 10g. It is cycled and I am slowly raising it to 78-79 from the original temp of 76. I am now making a hardboiled egg yolk paste thing. I will try to find some microworms small enough for them tomorrow. I am also going to prepare a bbs hatchery tonight.

So excited! I'm a grandma now :)
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Just crush up flakes really small. Guppy fry will eat anything, lol.
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I used to feed mine this fry food that came in a tube. I got it at the fish store. They ate it up like crazy.
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Okay so they are eating well so far. I made them a mixture of crushed flakes, pellets, and crushed microworms. They really like it so far. Also, one small corner of the tank gets direct sunlight everyday so there are infusorians for them. They look like little specks of dust randomly darting everywhere. They were only born yesterday (I think) and I can already see the whites of their eyes and their little organs :)
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