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I agree with all of the above. Even though you would have a very attractive looking vase and fish, in the end it will be so much more hassel dealing with the water changes and plant care that I am not sure your fish's happiness is worth it. A heater would also be hard to fit into a vase and that is a MUST. I have only been involved with Bettas for a little over a week now and wanted a vase or chic design-worthy look. Well, I have learned a lot in this past week, and now Siku has a 2.5 G tank with the works (some of which are not in there at the moment as he is being medicated) I also learned that I can design a tank to look just as classy as a vase, with a live plant AND spoil my little friend at the same time! What ever you decide to do, enjoy it and the company of your little friend! :)
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above all +100000000000000000000000000000000

Except, you said putting a Bettain anything is a good upgrade from Petco? I'm sorry, but Petco cups are meanat as temporary homes, and the Bettas are supposed to go to loving homes with a big enough tank for them, because really if you buy a Betta and permanently put him in a half gallon vase when it was possible he could have gotten a 3 gallon home then you're ruining his chances at a happy life.

But, if you do go with the vase idea, make sure it is at least 2 gallons. Some say 1 gallon, but actually it's only supposed to be 1 gallons for breeders and temporary conditions /= Because sure a Betta can survive in a small terrible home, but they can't THRIVE. At least, that used to be the view... Also, don't cover the top with a plant or he'll drown. Bettas are carnivors so don't expect him to eat plant roots. Here's a water changing scedule for a vase:

1 gallon= 100% every other day
2-3 gallons- 100% twice a week
4-5 gallons (not vases unless you find a big one) 50% once a week
6+ gallons- 25% once weekly.

Oh, and also, make sure he has plenty of hiding places so he can feel secure.
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