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Question Live plant products?

I've been planning to start my first planted tank. It will be my 29 gallon freshwater tank. I want to make sure everything turns out well so I would really appreciate all the advice you can provide I'm planning to begin with this Flourite Substrate, then overlap it with aquarium gravel. I will decorate with driftwood (what is the best type of driftwood? mine like grows large, dense clumps of black moss) and large stones.

As for plant fertilizer which of these products is best? or

And as for lighting I am probably going to buy this light, since it is for live plant growth, it would be the 24" so 20 Watts, is that enough? Or is there any difference between that light and these? They all have the same wattage... or Then this one is 24 Watts.

Then how long do I need to wait with the substrate to add plants (or do I need to wait at all?) I'll start off with a moss ball, java fern, and some amazon swords. Thanks!

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I have never used the planted tank substrate products so I don't know much about them-I use dirt for my planted Not sure if you have to wait to plant or not but I wouldn't think so....I read that some of these plant substrate have additives that you are not to rinse off and can sometimes make the tank cloudy for awhile...but not sure......

I don't need plant food for my planted tanks except for a little Epsom salt now and again....but if I did use ferts I would use the SeaChem brand Flourish, root tabs and trace....reading about them they seem to be the best for the money-so far my plants have not indicated that they need any extra food in my soil based tanks

Driftwood-I collect my own locally-but either the Mopani or Malaysian would be fine and most common types sold for aquariums

The lights, the last one by Hagan is a 6700K bulb- this is what you want for best plant growth....kelvin rating in the 6500-6700k range....I use regular daylight bulbs that are 20-40w-6500k GE brand that are about $5-6. each in the regular light bulb section at the store...not the aquarium department.....same bulbs...just
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I agree with OFL.

I also supplement my big planted tank with CO2.
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Old 03-02-2011, 01:41 AM   #4 
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seachem usually packages a better product

you can save money tho by putting in one teaspoon of epsom salt to the tank. Magnesium is used in chlorophyll and we all know plants like sulfur.

Iron... carbon filters iron out.

I use a black material roughly the same as the flourite openly exposed and also between the dirt layer and the appearance rock. Just remember that it needs to be fairly heavily planted or it will stagnate and not to put more than a couple layers of rock on top of it.

.... walmart $6.00 15watt fluorescent two loop with the aquarium stuff.
I could grow algae in an oven with those.

Baking soda and Discus Buffer or hard, not liquid, "correct ph" stuff. Tho I have used a tlc pond acid with buffers that I liked.

most the brands of the fine crushed rock put packets in the bags now, I buy one that has live bacteria and chlorine/chloramine treatment in it. Lets me know the rock has been stewing wet for quite a while. and it makes the material sticky so I can scoop it out and move it down where I need it.

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Thanks everyone! I actually found a better substrate that is more rock-like than bark which I think is more popular. I'm really getting excited to start!
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