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Question Should I...?

Get another betta? I know a lot of you will say YES! (like all the addicts we are), but let me provide some situations. In poorly structured point form!

- Money is NOT a primary issue, but obviously I don't want to spend a gajillion dollars.

- I'm a university student living in an apartment with my brother (1 year younger) and I'm on my 3rd year out of a 4-year degree.
- I've already got HongBo in a GLASS 5 Gal and Nigel and Dea in a BiOrb 30 (8 Gal acrylic).
- I currently have an empty 2-2.5Gal acrylic tank, but I call it my cursed tank because no matter what I wash it with, it always ends up killing the next fish that goes in it, so I'm kind of reluctant to use it.
- I'm looking at a Hex-5 because I see a lot of people on this forum use it, and I think the lighting makes the tank VERY attractive.
- I've finally learned how to cycle a tank properly, but I'm also curious as to how long you can keep a betta in a 0.5 Gal (This one: in case, while cycling, I fall in love with one at the store

Stuff to consider:
- I'm probably only going to be in my apartment until probably summer-ish of 2012, so I will have to move.
- I don't know where I am going yet, but I think my parents apartment is a definite choice if I have nothing else (to keep my pets, not me, lol)
- My parents don't get angry per se when I buy a new fish, but it's not like they're jumping up and down with joy. On a scale of -10 to +10 from being brutally angry and overjoyed, they're probably a -2 about me getting new fish/fish stuff
- My brother however, I'm not sure if he's just joking around but I think he's close to a -4 about me getting another fish. I semi coaxed/jokingly convinced him to get one of his own, and me muttered that it would look nice in front of his bed, lol but said nothing else.
- My brother also really likes the Fluval Chi design for some reason, although I can't justify spending $70 on a tank that just looks pretty, also I have nowhere to put a tank that looks like it has the *need* to be displayed. It looks like it should be some sort of table centerpiece or something.
- My apartment has a terrible amount of amperage in our fuses, running the A/C, hairdryer and microwave all at some inconvenient time will cause the power to die. I think I have room for maybe ONE more tank and that's about it.

Could I get anybody's opinion on what I should do? I know in the end the decision is mine but I don't want to disrupt anything/anyone.

Which tanks would you recommend? I'm looking for a tall 5Gal instead of a wide one that HongBo has, it takes up less space, haha. I've read reviews that the Hex5 has a terrible filter that dies and such. (Ignoring the dummies who put 3 goldfish in the Hex and complain). The Chi is also very attractive, I might spoil myself and get it (along with a plexiglass lid) but it looks very delicate, if I'm moving in the next year I don't want it to break :(... I've also read cloudy water issues with it as well.

Anybody with either the Hex5 or Chi comment? >_<

I can't think of anything else right now, but thanks for reading! Sorry it's long X_x
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Lion Mom
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"I'm looking for a tall 5Gal instead of a wide one that HongBo has, it takes up less space,"

Something like this?

Still on sale for $14.99 (plus shipping). :) Comes with everything except gravel & heater. I - as well as some others here - have this tank and it works just fine. I REALLY like the filter because it's adjustable!!!

Oh - and they only have the blue left, but I think it's a pretty nice looking tank.
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@Lion Mom: Oh I completely forgot about this tank too! I have seen a lot of them on this forum.

Unfortunately, today I straight up asked my brother if I could get another tank, and he flatly said that: "There's no space to put it, don't get more fish or another tank, just wait until your other fish die or something, then get new ones"

Ah well, I guess I'll just wait until I get my own place then...probably a 100 years from now T_T;;

Thanks for your help though, Lion Mom, I appreciate it :D
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