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Old 03-02-2011, 11:23 AM   #1 
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New shipment of bettas

I know on this forum I have heard a few people mention that it is a good idea to get a new betta when petstores get newer shipment of fish (so they're healthier). However, it got me thinking. What do they do with the fish that don't sell from the previous shipment?I know I probably don't want to know...but i'm curious? Do they euthanize them, or leave them on the shelves?
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They're left on the shelves until they die or sell.

I've seen some fish sit on a shelf for months and months before dissappearing. I know that my orange dalmatian male I got recently was sitting in my LFS for almost 5 months. Dals do tend to sit for a long time because if they're young when they come they usually are pretty pale with very few people don't think they're pretty.
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It's really sad. I remember before I had bettas, I would see cup after cup filled with dead bettas. It was heartbreaking.
I don't think they'd euthanize them, because euthanize could cost to much, euthanize fish after fish after fish. When i wanted to put down my sick hamster, the vets wanted 65 dollars to put him down. Many of the pet stores are pretty cheap (as in they don't want to spend money where they don't have to) and I doubt they'd pay to euthanize tens, if not hundreds of fish a year.
its sad. :(
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Location: Savannah, GA
Euthanizing fish isn't the same as euthanizing other animals.. it can be done humanely for very cheap/free... depending on how much you can stomach.

However.. even taking the time to do that is taking money away from the store. Not to mention 99% of employees wouldn't know the signs of a sick fish if you slapped a typed out disease pamphlet in their face so the fish die and they're like "oh.. what happened?"
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