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Old 03-02-2011, 06:19 PM   #1 
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Zeus is really sick, Please help!

I am really lost about whats wrong, I'm just getting a hospital tank set up but I don't even know if that will do any good.

I noticed something was wrong yesterday when he didn't eat his dinner, he is still not eating anything.
He doesn't want to swim and all he will do is lay in his plant, when he does swim he seems to do ok but he is a little vertical.
when he does come to the top for air he will flare his gills at the other boys but not his fins. Then he just goes back to his plant.
It looks like he is having a hard time breathing and is laying on his side in the plant leaves.
It looks like he has lost some of the color in his face as well.

What would you guys suggest I do for him?

He is in my divided 33 gallon, the temp is 79-80 all the water levels are fine according to my test kit.
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I suggest a water change in the big tank, first, then transfer to the hospital tank with a low water level, considering he is having breathing troubles and doesnt want to swim.
Whatever plant he likes, put it in there. Do you have any pictures?
Anything physically noticable, minus the color?
Keep the water clean and the lights low. Try food but if he doesnt nom, dont force it and remove it.
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Old 03-03-2011, 12:06 PM   #3 
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I did a 50 percent water change yesterday morning but he didn't seem to improve.
Last night I put him into my "hospital tank" which is really a glorified tupperware container but it should work for now. The temp is about 81-82 and he has about four inches of water, does that sound alright?
I haven't treated the water with anything except for my normal water conditioner yet, which I probably don't really need because I'm on well water, I started using it when I got my thai guys, but I have never used it for my veiltail Waffles and he has never had any issues.

Anyway Zeus seems a little better this morning but he is still not eating, which I guess could also be caused be the stress of being moved.
His breathing looks normal right now and the color in his face looks mostly back.
When I had him in his cup to move him to his new tank I did notice a small hole in his caudal fin which I can't remember him having before, After looking closer he also has two hole in his dorsal fin and it looks somewhat limp.
My first thought would of course be fin rot but his tank is kept pristine and none of his tank mates have any issues. I have also seen lack of appetite go with fin rot before?

I will try and get some photos of him in a few minutes but my camera isn't the best so I'm not sure how they will turn out.
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Old 03-03-2011, 12:21 PM   #4 
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Your QT setup sounds fine to me. I'm on well water as well and still use a conditioner, can never be too careful.

Fin rot is a bacterial infection.. it's black. It almost always follows damage to a fin (tail biting, torn on plants, etc). As far as I know it doesn't cause holes in fin tissue.
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So I got some pics and videos of poor Zuzu, I'm sorry about the poor quailty.
When I look at the holes in his fins it looks like fin rot but it appeared like overnight.
Video links, I hope they work.

Close up in a cup.

And one of him in his QT tank.

and some photos
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